Student Information

Student Advantages

Increases marketability after graduation.  The experience makes an applicant more attractive to employers. Enables students to make informed career decisions while "testing" an employment opportunity in their field. Refines interpersonal and teamwork skills by meeting, working and socializing with diverse groups of people. Offsets college expenses through money earned on the job if it is a paid work assignment. Earns academic credit and strengthens resume. Teaches valuable job search skills such as resume writing and interviewing techniques. Establishes professional contacts with employers. Develops confidence and self-esteem through "hands-on" training.

Eligibility Requirements

Eligibility requirements for participation in the Program varies among academic programs at OCC. Faculty members within each discipline determine the prerequisites.  Please review the college catalogue or contact the Cooperative Education & Internship Office if additional information is needed.  General eligibility requirements include:

  • A student must be enrolled in one of the listed and approved academic programs offering a co-op/internship experience at OCC.
  • Before participating in the Program transfer students must successfully complete twelve credit hours of academic courses at OCC.
  • Some disciplines require written faculty authorization or approval from a designated instructor before participating.

Students who are enrolled in one of the listed certificate or degree programs and who have not completed their study, graduated or transferred are eligible to participate in the College's Internship & Cooperative Education Program. Students are encouraged to contact the Program Coordinator at least two semesters prior to completion, graduation or transfer.

Application Process

Students who are interested in the Cooperative Education/Internship Program should schedule an appointment to meet with the Program coordinator.

Students who anticipate internship placements for the upcoming semester should contact the Internship & Cooperative Education Program Coordinator to initiate the application materials no later than two months prior to each semester:

In March for the Summer semesters In June for the Fall semesters In November for the Winter semesters.

Students are encouraged to attend a co-op/internship orientation session offered several times throughout the year to learn about the program in detail. An initial interview appointment with the Program Coordinator must be made.  Completed application, resume and other necessary forms can be submitted at this time. In some technical disciplines, an official copy of the student's OCC transcript is required.  A copy of the official transcript must be sent to the Program Coordinator. Before student can accept an employment offer registration in the required co-op/intern course is mandatory.