Student Email Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Why do I want an OCC email address? To save money and protect the environment, OCC is switching much of their communications from paper to electronic, primarily email. Since 2008, students can get an "OCC Student Email address", one that will be always known to the college. This means OCC can send students information without risk of it being lost due to a student change of email providers. It also means email sent by a student to OCC from their OCC Student Email account will not be trapped as spam.
  2. How do I get my OCC email address? Go to the Sign In to Student Email page. The Student Email link can be found from either of the following locations:
  3. How do I determine my MyOCC User Name? Generally, your user name is your lowercase lastname.firstname. Occasionally, numbers are added to the end of user names to ensure that the user name is unique. If you do not know your user name, go to What's my User Name? in MyOCC and follow the steps displayed.
  4. I already have an email account that I like; can I forward my OCC student email to my other email account? Yes! Once your student email account has been activated, you can set your preferences, including forwarding. See the Email User Guide for instructions.
  5. How will OCC use my student email address? OCC will increasingly use your student email address to send college information to you. You will receive messages about Registration, Enrollment, Student Services, Student Activities, Emergencies, and Class-specific activities. More and more, OCC will use email as a primary method of communicating with students.
  6. How do I get technical support? For assistance, please contact the Student Helpdesk at 248.341.2280 or visit the OCC Client Portal.
  7. How do I change/reset my OCC student password? You have only one password used for accessing most OCC services, including MyOCC and OCC student email.
    • If you know your password, and wish to change it:
    • If you do t know your password and wish to reset it:
  8. Will my teacher use email for all communications? Your instructor will let you know how he/she intends to communicate with you and your classmates.
  9. Who will use my email address? Various people and/or departments from OCC may use your student email address to communicate with you. Those people/departments may include: Your instructor, Enrollment Services, the Bookstores, the Libraries, the Chancellor, the Director of Assessment, the Institutional Research department, Public Safety, Student Affairs, technical support and Counseling, to name a few.
  10. Will OCC share my email address with others? No. OCC intends to use your email for communication between the college and you. They will not share your email with third parties or non-college employees.
  11. Can I use my other email account instead of my OCC student email account? OCC will use your student email as the email address of record. You can forward your OCC email to another account if you choose. Instructions on forwarding are included in the Email User Guide.
  12. How will my teachers know what my student email address is? Your OCC student email address will be automatically placed in the instructor's class roster when you activate your account.
  13. Will OCC stop using paper to communicate with students now that we have student email? For some communications, OCC will switch from the U. S. Mail to email almost immediately; others will take some time. But our goal is to pretty quickly minimize use of the U. S. Mail to save our resources and the college's money.
  14. Do I have to change my email account in my D2L or MyOCC profiles now that I have an OCC student email account? No. Your email address will be automatically updated.
    D2L:  OCC will automatically update the email of record in your D2L profile after you activate your Google account. This update will take approximately 7 days from the time of email account activation.
    MyOCC:  OCC will automatically update the email of record in your MyOCC profile after you activate your Google account. This update will occur within 24 hours from the time of email account activation.
  15. Can I use the other features of Google Apps now that I have a student email account? Yes. All of the features and tools included in your Google Apps account will be available for you to use.
  16. How long do I get to keep my OCC student email address? Your student email account will be available as long as you are an active student (that is, until 3 years after you stop taking any classes at OCC). After 3 years, you will need to re-apply to OCC to become an active student again; at that time you will receive a new student email address. This address will not be identical to your former address - we do not recycle email addresses.
  17. Is there a student email directory so I can look up my friends' email addresses? No. To protect your privacy, OCC will not make student email addresses available to other students. However, you are welcome to share your email address with your classmates.
  18. I already registered my (non-OCC) email address in MyOCC; what will become of that? Any existing student email addresses will be replaced with the new OCC student email address.
  19. How do I set up my OCC student email account on my mobile phone? Your OCC student email account is not a typical Gmail account. OCC offers a type of Google email that can be used collaboratively within the domain but not outside of that. email accounts are created and linked to the OCC student's MyOCC user name and as such, the email account uses the MyOCC password to gain access. Google has no record of this password; for this reason, it is not possible to set up student email on your mobile phone.