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Dr. Andrew J. Feustel

A Lake Orion native, Andrew J. Feustel attended OCC's Auburn Hills campus from 1983- 1986, graduating Cum Laude with an Associate in Science degree. Feustel will serve as Flight Engineer for Expedition 55 and later as Commander for Expedition 56, scheduled to launch in March 2018.

Andrew J. Feustel was selected to be an astronaut by NASA in 2000. He has been assigned to Expedition 55/56, scheduled to launch in March 2018. The Lake Orion Michigan native has a Ph.D. in Geological Sciences, specializing in Seismology, and is a veteran of two spaceflights. In 2009, Dr. Feustel served on STS-125. This mission launched on Atlantis and was the fifth and final mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope that improved the observatories capabilities through 2014. Dr. Feustel also served on TS-134, launching on Endeavour to deliver the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer and an Express Logistics Carrier to the International Space Station. Dr. Feustel has logged more than 29 days in space with over 42 hours in spacewalks.

Raised and educated in Lake Orion, Michigan. Married to the former Indira Devi Bhatnagar of Ontario. Dr. Feustel enjoys auto restoration, guitar, water and snow skiing and is a fan of automotive and motorcycle racing. His parents both live in Michigan, and his wife's parents reside in Ontario.

Graduated from Lake Orion High School, Michigan. Associate Science degree, Oakland Community College, Michigan. Bachelor of Science in Solid Earth Sciences, Purdue University. Master of Science in Geophysics, Purdue University. Ph.D. in Geological Sciences, specializing in Seismology, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada, 1995.

Dr. Andrew Feustel
Dr. Andrew J. Feustel


  • March 15 | Expedition 55-56 Crew's Pre-Launch Activities in Baikonur, Kazakhstan
  • March 21 | Launch of the ISS Expedition 55-56 Crew
  • March 23 | Docking of the ISS Expedition 55-56 Crew
  • March 23 | Hatch Opening and Welcoming Ceremony for the ISS Expedition 55-56 Crew
  • April 17 | OCC's Downlink event with Andrew Feustel

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