High School & Dual Enrolled Students

High School & Dual-Enrolled

Looking to get a jump start on your college coursework?  Is there a class which has always interested you that is not offered at your high school?

If you are interested in being a high school guest student or a high school dual-enrollment student, your first step is to discuss this with a parent and your high school counselor.  Opportunities vary by individual student and by high school district.

For every semester you plan to attend as a high school guest or dual-enrollment student, you will need to complete an online OCC Application for Admission.  Make sure to also complete the High School Guest/Dual-Enrollment Approval Form each semester, and attach the completed form to your online application.

Please note: If the OCC application deadline has passed, you may still apply, but you will need to complete a print-version OCC Application for Admission and attach the completed Approval Form.  These will need to be submitted to an Enrollment Services Office at any OCC campus.

  • Fall Semester Application Deadline - August 15
  • Winter Semester Application Deadline - December 15
  • Summer Semester Application Deadline - No deadline

Get Started

Step 1

Obtain a High School Guest/Dual Enrollment Approval Form.

Step 2

Complete the Approval Form, obtaining all required signatures.

Step 3

Create an account, if you have not done so already.
A. In the drop-down menu for Career Cluster, select "High School Guest and Dual Enrollment Students."

B. In the drop-down menu for Academic Program, select "High School Dual Enrollment" or "High School Guest."

Step 4

Complete and submit an online OCC Application for Admissions.

Step 5

In your My Account webpage in the Events section, click "Submit Supplemental Items," and attach your completed Approval Form.  Your application cannot be processed without this form completed and attached.

Step 6

If you are attending OCC for the first time, take any required assessment tests for placement purposes.

Step 7

Register and pay for your class(es) by the payment deadline. For dual-enrollment students, payment vouchers confirming the high school district is paying for your class(es) must be received by the Cashier's Office at any campus by the payment deadline.  Information on specific classes with times, days, locations and instructor as well as tuition and fees is available in the Schedule of Classes. Information, which describes the course content and curriculum of the college, is available in the College Catalog.