About Password Manager

As a student, at OCC, you have a single User Name to identify yourself to the various computer services you might use at the college (see the table below).

User Name

In general, your User Name is your last name and first name, separated by a period (.), possibly followed by a number to make it unique:


Your User Name usually is created when you first become an OCC student, and will remain with you for your time here.  If your name changes and you wish to change your User Name to match, see the section Changing Your User Name below.

To find out what your User Name is, go to MyOCC and click and click and click on "What's My User Name?".


Your password is your private key to accessing various college computer services.  It's important to keep it private, to protect your OCC information assets (work in D2L, class registrations, financial aid refund info, etc.). Do not share it!  Do not make it guessable!

To ensure a reasonable level of security, the system requires several characteristics of the college password, such as length of 6 or greater, a mix of numbers, upper case letter, lower case letters, etc. The details are described on the password change  screens.

Right now, most of OCC computer services use a single "college" password.

When you change your college password, that change applies to all services (except the Online Application).

This table shows college services and where to maintain your password.
Service Which Password Where to Maintain That Password
OCC Student Email
Google Applications
Library Databases
Library Printing
Academic Support Center Printing
Wireless Access
College password Password Manager
Online Application Application password Online Application

Security Questions

To be able to reset your password even if you have forgotten it, you should set up in advance the 4 "personal" security questions (and their answers). These are questions you believe only you can answer correctly, such as "What is your mother's middle name?". For each of the 4 question/answer pairs, you will select from a short list of predefined questions, and then type in the appropriate answer.

To set these up, go to Password Manager, and click on My Security Questions.

Just as you want your password to be unguessable, you should pick your security questions to be relatively unguessable.  Don't use "What is your favorite band?" if you are always wearing Metallica T-shirts.

Changing your Password

You can change your college password three ways:

  • If you know your current password, log into MyOCC, go to the "Change Password" screen, and follow the directions on that screen.
  • If you do not remember your password, go to Password Manager, click on "Password Reset" and follow the directions there. This is where you will provide the private answers to your security questions to authenticate that the person changing the password is really you.
  • If you do not remember your password, and cannot successfully answer the personal security questions at Password Manager, you will have to visit a campus Enrollment Services office during business hours with picture ID.

Changing Your User Name

If your "real" name should change (e.g., by marriage), you can ask Enrollment Services to change your User Name accordingly.

Also, when you change your User Name, it also creates a new OCC student email account for you.  You will still have access to you old email account and any Google application documents.

Still Need Help?

  • Students - Contact Enrollment Services, phone (248) 341-2200
  • Faculty and Staff - Contact the IT Support Center