Work Rules Summary

It shall be the responsibility of all Student Employees to observe and comply with the following work rules:

  • Student employees are required to complete an online JP11 and then sign the Report of Hire form provided by their supervisor. These forms must be completed by new and continuous student employees (rehires). Students are NOT authorized to work until these forms have been submitted every April and August in accordance with the student employment program timelines.
  • Student employees are expected to report to work at the assigned time.
  • It is the responsibility of the student to contact the supervisor or designee if he/she will be late or absent from work.
  • Student employees are expected to notify the supervisor when leaving the workstation.
  • Student employees must be registered and attending Oakland Community College each semester to be eligible to work at OCC.
  • Student employees who drive vehicles to work must park in the student parking lots.
  • Student employees are paid for actual hours worked. No student employee receives a "paid" lunch hour or holiday pay.
  • Student employees are required to complete the appropriate payroll report in a timely manner. Paychecks or Direct Deposit Advices are mailed to each student.
  • Student employees may be requested to work in another area for a temporary period of time or on a regular assignment.
  • Student employees are limited to twenty (20) hours per week. Under certain circumstances (e.g. during peak periods), with prior approval, thirty (30) hours may be worked.
  • Work-study students must stop working once they have earned their work-study award. These students may be hired as student assistants if funding is available. Prior to the student employee continuing their work assignment, a new EAF and Report of Hire must be processed by the hiring Supervisor to indicate Student Assistant status or EAF separation.