Mileage & Miscellaneous Expenses

  • Policy Type: Board
  • Policy Title: Mileage and Miscellaneous Expenses
  • Policy Number: 1.17
  • Office Responsible: Board, Board Chair, CFO
  • Related Policies: 1.16
  • Related Procedures: 1.16; 1.17
  • Related Laws: IRS regulations
  • HLC Criterion: N/A

Policy Statement

Trustees shall be entitled to mileage and other necessary expenses incurred by attending meetings of the Board, other events which the Board as a group is expected to attend, and conventions and seminars of educational value. Mileage shall be calculated from a member’s home or place of employment, as the case may be, to the place of the event or meeting.

Within reasonable limits and budget constraints, Trustees’ expenses can be paid when incurred as a result of attendance at College-sponsored functions to which Trustees are invited and expected to attend as part of their responsibilities.

Both Mileage Report Form (BUS 127) and Monthly Expense Form (BUS 128) will be submitted for the Board Chair’s signature, or in the case of the Board Chair, for the Board Vice Chair’s signature, with appropriate receipts attached. 

Change Log

Date of Change  Description of Change  Responsible Party
3-24-83 Initial Approval  
4-28-97 Reviewed   
4-17-18 Revised; referenced in former Policy 1.3.1 Board