Computer Aided Design & Engineering Technology (CAD.VDO.AAS)

Vehicle Design Option

Program Outcomes

Program outcomes represent broad areas of knowledge and skills developed over the duration of the program through a wide range of courses and experiences. These learning outcomes represent what a student should be able to know, think, or do upon successful completion of their program at Oakland Community College.

  • Students will display skills in designing parts of vehicle Upper Body.
  • Student will be able to apply knowledge, concepts, paradigms, or theories to the assigned task.
  • Students will display skills in designing parts of vehicle Underbody.

Program Plan 2023-2024

Full Time - Fall Start

**Students should meet with an OCC counselor before attempting this plan of study*

Year 1 - Fall

Courses   Credits
CAD 1101 Introduction to CAD 4
CAD 1105 Animation Design 3
DDT 1000 Fundamentals for the Drafting Industry 3
MAT 11502 Intermediate Algebra 4

Year 1 - Winter

Courses    Credits
CAD 1501 Special Topics in CAD: Intro. to Fusion 360 2
CAD 1201 Introduction to Engineering Graphics 4
CAD 2102 Fund. of Part Design and Its Applications 4
CAD 2110 NX I 3

Year 1 - Summer

Courses    Credits
CAD 14501 Drafting and Design Co-op Internship 3
CAD 2151 Introduction to Generative Surface Design 4
CAD 2190 NX II 3

Year 2 - Fall

Courses    Credits
Gen Ed Communication/English 3
Gen Ed Fine Arts/Humanities 3
CAD 24501 Adv. Drafting and Design Co-op Intern 3
CAD 2602 Vehicle Underbody Design and Assembly 4

MILESTONE: Make an appointment to meet with a Counselor to apply for graduation for this degree.

Year 2 - Winter

Courses   Credits
ENG ENG 15102, ENG 13502,3, ENG 14502,3 or ENG 22002 3-4
Gen Ed Social Science 3
CAD 2201 NX Product Design & Assembly 3
CAD 2702 Vehicle Upper Body Surface Design and Assembly 4

1 One of the following may be used as a co-op substitution: CAD 2000, CAD 2131, CAD 2141, CAD 2161, or CAD 2340.
2 Course may be used to meet General Education Requirements
3 Students transferring to other institutions should select ENG 1510.