Computer Information Systems (CIS.BSA.AAS) - Business Systems Analyst

Program Outcomes

Program outcomes represent broad areas of knowledge and skills developed over the duration of the program through a wide range of courses and experiences. These learning outcomes represent what a student should be able to know, think, or do upon successful completion of their program at Oakland Community College.

  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and application skills in Systems Development Life Cycle Methodology.
  • Students will illustrate problem-solving skills through the use of computer system analysis and design techniques.
  • Students will use best project management practices and checklists to manage their projects to ensure they are designed/developed in a timely manner, within budget, usefulness as outlined in the requirements analysis.
  • Students will examine basic database designs and manage database environments. (Covers Systems Analysis CT and Database Administration CA)
  • Students will demonstrate knowledge and application skills in Business processing analysis

Program Plan 2023-2024

Full Time - Fall Start

**Students should meet with an OCC counselor before attempting this plan of study**

Year 1 - Fall

Course    Credit
CIS 1050 Personal Computer Productivity Tools 4
ENG 1510 Composition I 3
CIS 1060 Personal Computer Spreadsheet Concepts 3
PHI 1710 Introduction to Informal Logic 3
  or PHI 2710 Introduction to Formal Logic 3

Year 1 - Winter 

Course    Credits
CIS 2313 E-Business and E-Commerce 4
CIS 1200 Introduction to Database Systems 4
BUS 1100 Introduction to Business 4
ECO 2610 Principles of Macroeconomics 3

Year 1 - Summer

Course    Credits
ENG 2200 Professional Communications 4
CIS 2212 Project Management 4

Year 2- Fall

Couorse    Credits
MAT 1580 Statistics 4
CIS 2111 Systems Analysis and Design (UML) 4
CIS 1300 Networking Concepts 4
CIS 2120 Problem Solving and Information 4

MILESTONE: Make an appointment to meet with a Counselor to apply for graduation for this degree.

Year 2 - Winter

Courses   Credits
*ACC 1500 Accounting for the Small Business Owner 3
CIS 2115 Business Analysis and Processes 4
CIS 2637 Big Data NoSQL Systems 3

*Transfer students should consider taking ACC 1810

(Note: ACC 1800 is a prerequisite). To receive MTA endorsement, students must fulfill the requirements noted for each MTA category and successfully complete at least 30 credits. All coursework used to fulfill MTA requirements must be completed with a grade of 2.0 or higher in EACH course.