Machine Tool Technology - Numerical Control Technology(MTT.CNC.AAS)

Program Outcomes

Program outcomes represent broad areas of knowledge and skills developed over the duration of the program through a wide range of courses and experiences. These learning outcomes represent what a student should be able to know, think, or do upon successful completion of their program at Oakland Community College.

  • Students will develop oral and written technical communications skills.
  • Students will develop skills in appropriate machine use for production and accuracy.
  • Students will utilize problem solving and analysis skills in order to complete assigned designs.

Program Plan 2023-2024

Full Time - Fall Start

**Students should meet with an OCC counselor before attempting this plan of study**

Year 1 - Fall

Courses    Credits
MTT 1000 Intro to CNC 4
MTT 1050 G&M Code Prog. 4
MTT 1150 Metrology 2
TED 1030 Basic Blueprint Reading 3

Year 1 - Winter

Courses    Credits
MTT 1200 Machine Tool Setup & Operation 3
MTT 2250 Fundamentals of Computer Aided Manufacturing 3
MTT 2300 2D and 3D Computer Aided Machining 4
CAD 1050 Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) 4
CAD 1051 Special Topics in CAD: Fusion360 2

Year 1 - Summer

Courses    Credits
ENG 1450 Writing and Reading for Problem Solving      3
  or ENG 1510 Composition 1 32
  Required Supportive 3-4

Year 2 - Fall

Courses    Credits
MTT 1300 Advanced Machining Processes 3
Gen Ed   3
MSE 1000 Metallurgy 3
Gen Ed   3
  Required Supportive  3-4
                               TOTAL CREDITS  15-16

MILESTONE: Make an appointment to meet with a Counselor to apply for graduation for this degree.

Year 2 - Winter

Courses    Credits
MTT 2400 Jig & Fixture Assemblies 3
MTT 2500 Multi-axis CAM 3
Gen Ed   3
  Required Supportive 3-4

Note: To receive MTA endorsement, students must fulfill the requirements noted for each category and successfully complete at least 30 credits. All coursework used to fulfill MTA requirements must be completed with a grade of 2.0 or higher in EACH course.

1 If student plans on transferring, then MAT 1560 should be taken.
2 If student plans on transferring, then ENG 1510 should be taken.