Cinematic Arts Concentration FAQs

Listed below are many of the commonly asked questions about the Cinematic Arts Concentration.  If you do not find answers to your question here, contact information is listed below.

Do I need to have my own camera or editing software?

No, we have an equipment room which provides all the gear necessary to shoot your projects. Students also have access to a computer lab with editing software.

Which editing software is used in the video production classes?

All video production classes use Final Cut Pro.

Are the classes available at multiple campuses?

Some of the classes, such as HUM 1900, are available at multiple campuses. Video production classes are only offered at the Orchard Ridge campus.

Are the classes transferrable to four-year colleges?

Many of the classes are transferrable to four-year colleges. It really depends on the school you wish to transfer to. The OCC Counseling Dept. can assist you in determining which classes are transferrable.

Does OCC have a student Film Festivals?

Yes! The OCC Student Film Festival happens every year in May. Consult the college events calendar for more details.

Do I have to apply for admission into the Cinematic Arts Concentration?

There is no admissions process for the concentration, but it is advisable to meet with a counselor and work out the sequence of the courses you will be taking.

Do I need any previous experience in order to succeed in the video production classes?

Absolutely not! Fundamentals of Digital Video (PHO 1800) starts at square one.

What kinds of videos do students usually make?

Students produce work in a variety of genres, such as fictional narrative, documentary, music video, and experimental.