Can I transfer classes from other campuses and/or other colleges?

Yes, and in most cases transfers are equivalent in course content and credit hour, be sure to check with a counselor prior to enrolling in a course that you are unsure about.

Can I transfer into the Machine Tool program if I am currently in another program?

Yes, but this is subject to seat availability and program to program credit hour compatibility. Transfer students must meet with a program director to determine skill acquisition as well as mastery of theory.

Will Machine Tool help me if I want to be a designer or welder?

Yes, anyone that is interested in the manufacturing field should have some experience in actually working with industrial materials and their applications.

Can I earn any industry certifications?

Yes! During the course of the classes you can earn up to 4 NIMS certifications!

Can I earn a certificate in Machine Tool?

Yes! Check our catalog for the list of classes need for a certificate.