Will I need my own equipment for your classes?

Having your own camera puts you at an advantage because you will always be learning on your own equipment, but we do have cameras for short term student use. we also have many other pieces of equipment (tripods, lenses, etc.) that will help you to get that perfect shot.


I don't have Photoshop at home. Am I able to use your digital lab to do my homework?

Yes, both our Analog lab and our Digital Lab are open Monday thru Friday for student use.

Will I learn to use my cameras in your classes?  I have both a film camera and a digital camera.

Yes, all of our classes include instruction on camera use while also showing you what you can do after the images are captured. When shooting film, you will learn to develop film and make prints in the darkroom. In digital classes you will learn to process your images digitally, perhaps alter or enhance them, and prepare for printing.

I took Digital Photography in high school, cna I skip to an advance class?

Because digital photography is always evolving, we suggest you take our Beginning Digital Class (PHO1700) and start from your knowledge base. It's usually best to start at the head of the class, rather than at the back of the class, knowledge-wise.