Peer Mentoring

Peer-Mentoring Program

We look forward to offering the Peer Mentor Program again during the winter 2023 semester.  

Look over the program to see if it fits your needs.  If so, look at the Mentor Information/Mentee Duties under related links.

The Peer Mentoring Program pilot is designed to provide a connection for Promise Zones students in their transition to the OCC community by providing support and resources to increase their success and engagement within the OCC community.


  • Increase retention by alleviating isolation at OCC.
  • Increase student involvement and interaction at OCC.
  • Bridge the gap between students and Support Services at OCC.
  • Assist students with engagement into college life at OCC.


  • Provide assistance and direction to students participating in Promises Zones.
  • Introduce students to OCC campus resources.
  • Support and encourage students to maintain a good academic standing and participate in campus activities.
  • Encourage team building and leadership development among mentors.
  • Identify and implement specific networking activities among peer mentors and mentees.
  • Provide support and resources to help students adjust academically and socially to the campus community.