Behavioral Assessment Program

The goal is to keep the college community as safe as possible by supporting the Board of Trustees policy on workplace violence. 

To file a report, please click on "Behavioral Concern Report" below: Behavior Concern Report

 What is a Behavioral Assessment Program?

  • A comprehensive threat assessment program that reviews all concerns brought forward that involve actions of students, potential students, or other college visitors.
  • A team approach emphasizing cross-departmental expertise and consistency in results
  • A procedure for communication and processing concerns and complaints
  • A program that seeks information and uses resources to manage a potential threat and bring it to an appropriate conclusion with safety and individual rights considered

Examples of when Behavioral Assessment can be used

  • College personnel are made aware of a student in an OCC online course who posts threatening inappropriate remarks/pictures
  • A student threatens a fellow student/faculty member in class
  • A student complains to an instructor that another student has threatened them at the college
  • A person considering enrolling makes threatening comments to an employee at Enrollment Services, to a counselor, etc.

Behavior Assessment Review Team (BART)

  • BART is the team of trained personnel at each campus who are responsible for implementing this program
  • At a minimum, the team consists of: Dean of Student Services, Public Safety, and a counselor

Although not exhaustive, the following is representative of conduct that may activate a Bart Team response:

  • Conduct, behavior, interaction, data postings, words and other forms of communication
  • Criminal act
  • An action or statement that creates an environment marked by any form of disruption, intimidation, threat, or violent act.
  • Any form or knowledge of hostile behavior, physical abuse, vandalism, arson, sabotage, use of weapons, carrying weapons onto College property, or any other acts or threats of violence against employees, students and/or others.
  • Any related criminal behavior
  • *Any immediate safety threat needs to be reported to Public Safety as soon as possible. Please call 911 to report immediate threats. 

When college employees are made aware of inappropriate or threatening communication, they should contact the appropriate person/department

  • In a classroom, a Dean is the appropriate contact (Public Safety for a criminal act or disorderly conduct)
  • In a staff employee situation, the supervisor is the appropriate contact (Public Safety for a criminal act or disorderly conduct)
  • If the incident doesn’t require an immediate response, use the Behavioral Concern Report

Why is a Behavioral Assessment Program necessary?

  • Ensure a consistent and college-wide approach
  • Provide earlier administrative involvement, a more efficient response time, and an increased likelihood of a more successful intervention
  • Equip faculty and staff with a process to address behavior that violates the board policy concerning workplace threats and violence
  • Respond to the increasing signs of stress in the collegiate setting
  • Promote positive interactions between students and the larger college community
  • Support standards outlined in the Board's Workplace threats and Violence policy and those identified in the Student Handbook
  • Emphasize safety as the primary goal.

BART does not handle concerns about any employee issue.