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*All data entered up to and including June 2, 2008 will be displayed accurately for the month and year that it occurred.  However, the exact date and time that it occurred may not be accurate as well as the month, date and time that the incident was reported. Any data displayed after June 2, 2008 is displayed as it has been recorded and saved.


2 incidents found where Date Occurred or Date Reported is between 6/13/2022 and 8/12/2022 at all locations.

This table shows a list of incidents for the selected date range and location.
Date OccurredCase #Incident Type(s)LocationDate ReportedDisposition
07/25/22 01:53 PM 22-779 Larceny Southfield 07/25/22 02:05 PM Closed 07/28/22 07:40 AM
06/25/22 09:30 AM 2022-0676 Malicious Destruction of Property Auburn Hills 06/25/22 09:30 AM Closed 06/25/22 01:00 PM
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