iROC Cash

What is IROC Cash?

iROC Cash is a convenient and secure OCC account that is accessed by swiping the green stripe on the back of your Raider One Card. Funds are deposited onto this account and it provides a very simple method of completing transactions on campus without carrying cash.

Raider One Card - Paper version

Raider One Card

Raider Once Card - Back

Enhanced Raider One Card

Where Can I Use iROC Cash?

You can use iROC Cash at any OCC print/copy stations.

Benefits of iROC Cash

Using iROC Cash is very beneficial!

  • It is convenient. There is no need to carry a wallet when you have the ability to pay for campus services using your Raider One Card.
  • Monitor your spending, review your balance or transaction history using the online account management site.

How Can I Add Money to the iROC Cash account?

There are three ways to add funds:

    1. At a kiosk machine located in all OCC libraries.
    2. Through the online account management site with a credit or debit card you can add money to your iROC Cash account.

Note: If your Raider One Card is lost or stolen, log on to your iROC Cash account to suspend activity or to change your PIN.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the Raider One Card or the services offered, contact

Card Services 
Phone: 248.232.4400