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Fall Semester
- August 15
Winter Semester - December 15
Summer Semester - No Deadline


   Admission to credit courses is open to all high school graduates, college transfer students, and persons 18 years of age or older provided that their high school class has graduated. Proof of an extant degree is required. Hand-carried transcripts may be relied upon in this phase. Former OCC students who have not attended OCC for three or more years must re-apply for admission. Applicants who have completed the admission process, but did not register for classes within one year must re-apply for admission. For more information regarding admission and registration, see the OCC Catalog or contact the Enrollment Services Office at the campus you plan to attend. Please refer to the Campus Directory.

New Students and Those Who Must Re-Apply

   Applications for Admission are available at New & Returning Students page and at any of the campus Enrollment Services Offices and may be submitted at the time of registration. Current proof of residency must be provided with the application.

Guest Students from Other Colleges

Students should complete a Michigan Uniform Guest Application available at Guest Students page, the home institution, or any campus Enrollment Services Office. This application is valid only for the semester for which it is submitted and must be completed by the home institution.

Guest Students from High Schools

   Students are eligible to enroll for credit courses at OCC provided they are concurrently enrolled in the 10th grade or higher from any area high school and have the signature of approval from the high school principal or designee. An Application for Admission may be obtained from area high schools, any OCC Enrollment Services Office or at High School Guest Students page. The High School Guest/Dual Enrollment Approval form on the application must be completed. Your approval form is valid for one semester and must be renewed each semester you plan to attend.

F-1 Status Students

   Students who currently hold an F-1 visa or who would like to obtain an F-1 visa must complete a special international student admissions packet. These packets are available at the campus International Student Advisor Office. For specific information regarding requirements for F-1 students, contact the International Student Advisor on your designated campus or at https://www.oaklandcc.edu/International/admission_requirements.aspx.

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