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Professor Suzanne Labadie 


Office Location: Royal Oak B204

Phone: 248.246.2648



Links on the left of this screen are meant to provide a general idea of content and sample schedules for the classes that I teach. I update my courses each term, so the information provided here should serve only as a rough guideline, not as the rule. For details and specifics about the class you are taking this term, please log into our site at D2L and where you'll find the updated syllabus and course information located under CONTENT.

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Winter 2013

Summer 2013
Royal Oak Campus

Room B204

Tuesday 9-10am

Wednesday 9-10am


By Appointment Only

 SF Campus

Study Lounge by Room A202

 Online or On Campus by appointment Only


By Appointment Only


I am available for online chats through Gmail (@proflabadie) or on D2L's chat site for our class. Please set up a time (by email) to meet me there.

I am available for online chats through Gmail (@proflabadie) or on D2L's chat site for our class. Please set up a time (by email) to meet me there.

 Information for Online Students!!!! (Important! Please Read!)

**Before you contact me with questions, please be sure that you have reviewed ALL the information about my classes that I have provided on this site, including sample course syllabi (left), Online Course information (left), the Distance Learning website, and the information below. If you are enrolled in one of my classes at this time, please also review the syllabus and course information on D2L before sending an email. If you have exhausted the resources provided here and on D2L and still have questions, then please feel free to email me!


A multimedia, internet-connected computer is required for online courses.  While the course is designed to work with minimal hardware requirements, the educational experience will be enhanced with faster, well-equipped machines. If you do not have a capable machine at home, you can utilize the computers at OCC campuses in the library, ASC and other open labs.

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Students requiring special assistance (including those affected by the Americans with Disabilities Act) should contact the ACCESS office.  The ACCESS office will inform the instructor of any special conditions pertaining to their learning.  Access link:


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