Online Student Info

Online Course information  (PLEASE READ COMPLETELY!!)



Email communication is essential when taking a class from me. All emails will be sent through D2L to your OCC Student Email. Please check this account regularly throughout the term. Students are responsible for all information sent by email. Students can email me through D2L as well. All emails through D2L and otherwise should go to

Phone messages are only responded to when I am on campus, so please opt for an email instead if possible. Messages left Wednesday afternoon-Sunday may not receive a call back until the following Monday. Emails usually receive a response within 24 hours.

Asynchronous Learning

Online courses are designed to provide you quality education with maximum flexibility and individualization. As a result, we will not have set meeting times as a group. You can check for me at any on-campus office hours or set up a meeting with me online or on campus at many other times (M-F, especially).  Please refer to this document, the syllabus and the course information page on D2L for all you need to know about your course. You may also email me with questions any time after you have reviewed those materials ( See below for more information

Getting into Desire2Learn

Students should log on at

For detailed information and help with online learning or D2L, visit


 Navigating D2L

Once you’ve logged into D2L, there will be numerous tools that you need to become acquainted with. Following is a brief explanation of the different menu options.

Content: This area contains all assignments, materials and instructions regarding your work in this class. It is organized by either Weeks or Units. Go here to view your syllabus, course introduction and get started on your work.

Discussions: Clicking here will take you into the discussion board section of our course site. You will be using this tool often, to it is important that you familiarize yourself with how to post, read other students' posts, and how to subscribe to threads in a discussion.  

Discussions are organized by Forums and then by Topics within each forum. Read the questions or prompt included in the topic you will respond to and click on the title of the topic to see what has already been said. To post, click on “Compose.” If others have written already, you must peruse some the other student responses before adding your own to ensure you do not repeat what has already been said. In some cases you will find that rather than beginning afresh with your own ideas you can respond to the assertions and ideas of other students. This is very fruitful for your learning! I encourage you to respond to one another’s posts.

I will check the discussion boards regularly, in the first couple weeks of class especially, to offer feedback and ensure that students are on the right track for meeting DB expectations. For further explanation of the requirements of DB posts, please refer to your syllabus and course information.

Quizzes: This section lists the tests you'll take over the course of the term as well as their availability dates.

Dropbox: Paper assignments will be submitted to the dropbox. All dropboxes use TurnItIn technology to detect plagiarism and help students learn how to avoid plagiarizing in their writing.

Checklists: Checklists are included for some classes on D2L to help students keep track of due dates for major assignments. A checklist for each unit or week will be provided. Use it to keep track of the work you've completed and what you still have to do.

News: News is located on the course homepage in the center panel. Any time there is an update to materials in the class or information that needs to be given to all students, I will post it to the news section of D2L. You can set up your account to receive notification when news has been posted. You should plan to check the news reel every time you log into D2L, daily for online students. Students will be responsible for the information posted here, including information related to assignments and due dates. Please pay attention!

Grades: This link takes you into the grade book for your work. You can find out how you did on assignments and keep track of your progress here as grades are posted.


Meeting Your Instructor

If you would like to talk to me about your class or any questions that you have, you can set up an online or face-to-face meeting with me anytime. I will be available online through D2L chat and Gmail. (@proflabadie) My office hours are posted on my instructor page, but I am available many other times to meet with you. Just send me an email!

Holiday Note

Unless otherwise noted, single-day holidays (such as MLK day, Memorial Day, etc) will not have an impact on online assignments and schedules. All listed due dates apply as written. I do not anticipate that this will be a problem, but it is worth mentioning.

Revision Date: November 28, 2011