Oakland Community College
Oakland Community College - Student Employment

Land A Job

Student Going to the Interview

Learn how to land the on-campus job you want:

  • Bring a copy of your class schedule to the interview.
  • Bring your driver’s license & Social Security Card or other I-9 Information.
  • Be prepared to discuss your work ethic and work experiences.
  • Dress for success, don’t forget to wear your smile!
  • View Career Focus to get to know OCC better.
Student Hired as an OCC Student Employee

What to do once you accept an on-campus job offer:

  • Discuss with your supervisor the Guidelines & Online Forms
  • Complete the Online Forms and the forms found in the Student Employment packet that are available at each Business Office on campus or designated area.
  • Submit all the student Employment forms to your new supervisor.
  • Request a Report of Hire form from your supervisor via the OCC intranet system.
  • Review all completed forms with your supervisor.
  • Sign, date and make a photocopy of all forms for your supervisor and for your own personal records.
  • Do not begin working until all paperwork is completed and submitted. Payroll may be delayed if paperwork is not accurate and/or is not submitted immediately.