Get Involved and Boost Your Potential

Studies show that students who are engaged in extra-curricular activities have a greater opportunity for networking, career growth and leadership development. With school, work and other commitments pressing on our time, why get involved now? 
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Take Advantage of OCC's College Transfer Days

As the highest transfer institution in the state of Michigan. OCC ensures students are transfer ready by offering programs and support that build a strong foundation. How can you ensure you are transfer ready? One step is to take advantage of OCC's College Transfer Day in October.
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Five Campus Resources You Need to Know

There are typically two types of college students: those looking to get the most out of their college experience and those that won't look for campus resources until they need them. Here are five FREE resources you need to take advantage of during your OCC experience.
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From OCC to NASA

ChaKaria "Kari" Hunter is flying high after earning an Associate in Science degree at OCC in 2013. After graduating, she transferred to the University of Georgia, worked with Engineers Without Borders on sanitation systems in Kenya, and interned at the National Institute of Health Interventional Radiology Department, where her team applied for a patent for a medical device/robotic arm developed for radiation oncology procedures. During her senior year, she accepted a job offer from NASA's Ames Research Center as a research engineer and now lives in Silicon Valley working on life support systems for astronauts on the International Space Station.
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