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Here is a list of clubs/organizations that are taking place now!

Abstract Nation: Abstract Nation is the Auburn Hills Campus of Oakland Community College's recently enacted club dedicated to the arts, development of aesthetics and the progress of our society through creative endeavors. We hope not only to cultivate our artistic skills and ability in order to better communicate ideas visually, but those of our peers and the surrounding communities through collaborative art projects, field trips, discussion and workshops. For information regarding meeting times contact Faculty Advisor Erin Scott at
AnimEtion Club: Come one, come all to the AnimEtioN Club! Formerly the token anime club of OCC, the AnimEtioN Club encompasses much more than just Japanese animation. Everything from live action movies to classic cartoons of both American and Japanese creation are shown on a weekly basis. A place to come and enjoy your favorite media is what we provide, and all we ask in return is respect for the rules. Trust me, there is no better way to spend a Thursday afternoon or evening than with friends and a movie or show you all enjoy. Give it a shot. Every Thursday from noon 'till closing time (at 9p) in room G106! Questions? Contact President Max McDonnell at or Faculty Advisor Shawn Dry at:
ASHRAE: Students interested in an HVAC&R career are encouraged to participate in ASHRAE to further their knowledge, practical experience, and professional development.   The ASHRAE student branch hopes to get more students interested, concerned, and involved in pursuing a career in the field of heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration.  Students have opportunity to interact and "network" with members of the sponsoring ASHRAE Chapter, to participate in technical tours, learn from guest speakers, present technical papers, and to interact with other students with the same career interests.  Contact President Bill Wallace at or Advisor Bob Featherstone at for more information.
BELIEVERS:  Believers stands for Black Education Leaders Implementing Empowering Values to Encourage and Reach Students. The BELIEVERS group is dedicated to assisting by encouraging students, regardless of gender, race, cultural backgrounds, etc., that in spite of the stress related to daily life and challenges of attending school, there are resources available to assist with the load.  As a mentoring group, we would like to network with each other to share information that can assist others with obtaining success with the college experience.   For additional information and to receive notification of upcoming meetings, Email Advisor Brenda Dilworth at Brenda Dilworth at
Blueprint Architecture Club:  The Blueprint Club’s purpose is to promote excellence in architecture education, training and practice and to foster an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines. It’s here to organize students and combine their efforts to advance in the art and science of architecture. The club organizes field trips of historical architecture as well as modern and recently constructed buildings. Students are encouraged to attend meetings when they are called to discuss ideas on things that the club can accomplish. The students are the drive behind the club and welcome any architecture student, full or part time, to join. Please Contact Faculty Advisor C. Makami at for meeting times and activities.
Chess Club:  Like chess?  Please join us!  All experience levels are welcome. Contact us for meeting days and times: or stop in to see our faculty advisor Bill Isanhart in the Humanities Department. Chess Club Logo
Criminal Justice Student Association: The purpose of the Criminal Justice Student Association is to educate support and provide experiential learning in the Criminal Justice field for the Criminal Justice student body. Our Goal is to create social network relationships between students, alumni and working Criminal Justice professionals, that focuses on building communities of members who share interests and activities within the Criminal Justice field. To learn more about the Criminal Justice Student Association please Contact the CJSA Club President: or visit our website
The Environmental Club:  The mission of this club is to teach and promote global understanding and environmental responsibility, empower students with opportunities to contribute to a sustainable future by reducing ecological impact and building effective green energy programs in our community.  Contact for more information or speak with our faculty advisor Shannon Flynn at
The Gamers Alliance:  This club is a place where anyone can come and find a warm welcome. It's our purpose to provide a fun, stress-free environment where students can game, chat, and easily make friends with people with a variety of interests. We love to game and we love to chat. So please come down to G-104 or G-106 during one of our games or ask about us in Student Life! You can call our President at 248-660-7598 or our Vice President at 586-817-3400.
InterVarsity Christian Fellowship: InterVarsity is an evangelical campus mission serving students and faculty on college and university campuses nationwide. Our vision is to see students and faculty transformed campuses renewed and world changes developed through the power of the Holy Spirit and the good news of Jesus. Join us for bible study, fellowship and more. Contact
International Student Club: We are an organization created by international students with the purpose promoting friendship and opportunities for fun outings in the community. For more information about the club and how to join, contact Advisors Sarah Lemelin at or Diana Schack at  
International Youth Fellowship (IYF): Is a youth organization based on Christian values, the IYF hopes to develop leaders of the next generation through spiritual fellowship, cultural exchange, and volunteer service. The IYF is currently established in over 70 different countries around the world and many different universities, colleges, and other tertiary institutions. The IYF engages in weekly Bible studies, cultural performances, national and international conferences, and the one year overseas volunteer program the 'Good News Corps'. For more information and club meeting times and locations, contact the club President or (248) 884 3235 or Advisor Robert Bruhn (ESL Faculty) at
Math Club: A project of the Math Dept, contact Club Advisor Janet Peart at to learn more about their fun Math Problem of the Week contests.  
OPTIMISTS CLUB at AH: The Optimist Club is a service student organization for people committed to optimism and self-development for the improvement of youth and community. It gives students opportunity to help youth through membership in one of the largest service organizations in North America. For more information contact Faculty Advisor Robin Brose at
The Psychology Club provides students with an opportunity to explore the field of Mental Health. This includes visiting mental health venues; meeting other professionals; attending conferences and workshops; engaging in research; discussing and/or holding activities of pertinent Mental Health topics with the OCC student body; and networking within the Mental Health Community as means of enhancing academic and professional careers. If you interested please e-mail us at or our faculty advisor, Kathy Tiell. Visit our website at for more information.
PTK (Phi Theta Kappa) - A nationally recognized academic honor society, it participates in numerous on-campus and off-campus events, including many community service projects. Interested parties must have at least a 3.5 GPA to qualify for membership. Phi Theta Kappa (Omicron Rho Chapter AH) Contact: Michelle Casanova - (248) 232-4511
Q-FLAG:  We are a student group for the LGBTQQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, and intersex) community and straight allies.  Join our club and be yourself in a supportive environment!  For more information contact faculty advisor Michelle Fether-Samtouni at
SA3 Student Government: SA3 (Student Activity & Action Alliance) is the Student Government body at OCC Auburn Hills. We are here to be the voice of the students and help advocate for your needs or issues when they occur. Student issues or suggestions for consideration of the Exec Board may be submitted via a SA3 Student Concern/Suggestion Form or dropped off in the Student Life Office, G108-B; via email to; or in person at General Membership Open Meetings. We also seek to help students make their time at OCC more enjoyable and fulfilling, through clubs and special events. General Membership is offered to all students. Visit the student government website here for more information to view the Open Meeting schedule and learn about the officers.
Spanish Club: Interested in speaking Spanish, learning about the culture, or just in need of help with the homework? Come join the Spanish Club, where you can bring your questions and share your knowledge! Its purpose is to provide members with the opportunity to speak Spanish and to increase their awareness of the Spanish-speaking world through fun and enriching activities, and even community service opportunities. We will practice conversation, talk about and provide assistance with the language, watch movies, prepare for traveling the world, and also expand our appreciation of Spanish and Hispanic music, dancing, and cuisine! For more information please contact Faculty Advisor Georgia Tres Hope to see you there!
Student Veteran Association: The SVA's mission is to provide military veterans with the resources, support and advocacy needed to succeed in higher education and following graduation. Join veteran students for friendship and group discussions. Contact President Katherine Logan-Winter at or Co-Advisors Pat Shipp May at and Ken Van Sparrentak at for more information and meeting times.
VIVIR Como Estudiantes: We are a new student group whose mission is to inspire Latino students and our surrounding community to pursue education, live respectfully, identify individual values, appreciate heritage, and encourage the sharing of diversity with students of all cultures. We will deliver programs that will involve students of all cultures trough social interactions and exchange of ideas to promote success for all people. Contact advisor: Alicia Paramo-Dionne at
Writers Block: We are a student organization for students that enjoy writing.  The purpose of this club is to allow students to experience and participate in the performance of literature and involve the larger community in the growing OCC AH writing and performance culture.  We are committed to diversity, and our authors and events offered a range of life experiences and perspectives to participants and audience members.  We support writers of all genres including but not limited to poetry, rap, lyrics, slam, fiction, nonfiction, prose, and more.    Bi-monthly meetings are held workshop style where students bring their works in progress to share with the club for peer feedback, writing exercises, and to practice performing.  If you are interested in joining please email club president Nico Lizardi or speak with our advisor, Professor Quincy Norwood in the English Department.

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