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Student Life @ Auburn Hills

A high-quality education is the main reason you are taking courses at Oakland Community College.  

But did you know that learning doesn’t end when you leave class - successful students are involved in the classroom, on the job, and out in the community.

We recognize our OCC students balance complicated schedules that include not only classes, but also jobs, families and a variety of off-campus activities. 

That is why the Student LIFE office sponsors and organizes a wide variety of opportunities for getting involved- such as films, lectures, cultural trips, student organizations, and much more.  You can spend time in between classes meeting new friends while growing your leadership skills and professional network.

Each Student LIFE office is overseen by a Student Development Coordinator who is dedicated to maximizing student opportunities beyond the classroom by encouraging critical thinking, civic engagement, and the development of leadership skills.

Meet the Student Development Coordinator at the Auburn Hills campus and increase your involvement in college life!


Contact Jessica Lizardi,
Coordinator of Student Development
Student LIFE Office - Auburn Hills
Student Center, Room G108
Phone (248) 232-4281

Jessica's Bio