Questions to Ask Transfer Admissions Representatives


  • When should I apply for admissions?  
  • Is there an application deadline?  
  • Is there an application fee?
  • What factors determine my admission?  
  • What is the average GPA of transfer student accepted? 
  • What is the average number of new enrolled transfer students each year?
  • How many OCC transfer students apply each year and how many are accepted? 
  • May I be admitted with an undeclared major?  
  • May I apply prior to receiving my associate degree?  
  • Are there programs that require a separate or additional application? 
  • If so, which ones?  
  • Who is the contact person for transfer students?  
  • When is my admission status determined and when will I find out?  


  • How much is tuition per credit hour, per year? 
  • What fees are required and how much are they?
  • If I live on campus what is the yearly cost for room and board?
  • What scholarships are available for transfer student and what amounts?  
  • When should I apply for financial aid/scholarships? 
  • What percent of transfer students receive financial aid?  
  • Is work‐study available?
  • How much did the cost of room and board, tuition and fees rise from last year?  
  • How much does the typical transfer student owe after graduating?  


  • What percent of transfer students graduate and what is the average time it takes to do so?
  • Upon graduation, what percent of transfer students pursue a graduate degree?
  • What makes your college/university transfer friendly?  
  • What type of transfer students are happiest and successful at your college/university? 
  • What do transfer students enjoy most about your college/university?  
  • How are transfer students made to feel a part of your college/university community?
  • What are the strengths of the college/university as they relate to transfer student success? 


  • As a transfer student, what challenges may I experience?  
  • What are the weakness of the college/university as they relate to transfer student success?  
  • What is the number one complaint from transfer students about your college/university?  


  • What are the demographics of students?
  • What percentage of students are transfer? 
    • What percentage of transfer students are from OCC?
  • What makes the student body unique?  
  • Are students friendly?
  • How racially and ethnically diverse is the campus?  
  • Do students of different races, ethnicities and socio‐economic interact easily?  
  • Are there many students from other countries?  
  • Are students cliquish?
  • How would you describe the average student?

Transfer Credit

  • Does your college/university have a Transfer Credit Agreement with OCC for the program I am planning majoring in?
  • Will each of my transfer credits apply to specific program and/or degree requirements? 
  • Where can I find OCC course evaluations and what does it mean if the course(s) is not listed?
  • What is the maximum amount of specific program and degree requirements transfer credits accepted?
  • What is the average number of transfer credits that are not applied to anything (additional elective credits beyond any that may be needed)?
  • Are military credits accepted? If so, how and where do they apply?  
  • Is prior learning credit for training, certification and experience outside of the classroom available?  

General Education 

  • If I satisfy the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA) requirements at OCC will there be any additional general education requirements?
    • If so, which ones and can they be satisfied by transfer credit?  
  • Is satisfying the MTA required in order to transfer to your college/university?


  • Do I need to attend full time?
  • Is the program in a cohort format (set courses to take each semester)?
  • Is the program available in an accelerated format (6 or 8 weeks semesters/terms)?  
  • Is the program available online?  
  • What are the most competitive majors? 
  • What programs are most and least successful for transfer students? 
  • What program(s) have the highest placement rate(s) in the field of study?
  • What department(s) or programs have the best reputations?  
  • How is your program different from colleges/universities offering the same one?
  • Can I complete my remaining program and degree requirements within two years if attending full‐time?  
  • How long will it take to complete my remaining program and degree requirements if I am attending part time?
  • How many more credits will I need to complete my degree?  
  • Is it easy to change majors? 
  • Are internship and co‐ops available? 
  • Are study abroad opportunities available?  


  • Are courses available mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends and online?
  • How long is the semester/term?
  • What is the largest and smallest class size? 
  • How many students are in the average class? 
  • What is the average class size of the program I am interested in?  
  • Do transfer students receive priority registration?  
  • How are transfer students advised for registration?  
  • What is the instructor to student ratio? 
  • Are classes more lecture or discussion based?
  • What percentage of junior senior level courses are taught by professors verses teaching assistants?  
  • Are finals more exam, project or essay based? 
  • Are transfer students able to take most of their first‐choice classes?  


  • What resources and services are available to transfer students?
  • What kind of learning disability resources are available?  
  • What support services do students need to pay for?
  • Is a writing center available to assist with research papers and essays?
    • Is it free?
    • What days & times?  
    • Are services available online?  
    • Is tutoring available?  
    • What subjects? 
    • Is it free?
    • What days & times?  
    • Are services available online?  
  • Are computer labs with a variety of days and hours available?  
  • What type of academic and social support are available for transfer students?  
  • How would you describe transfer advising services?
    • How accessible are academic advisors?  
  • What are their hours, days and methods available (i.e. telephone, web, email, etc.)?  
  • What free resources and support services are available?  
  • What kind to learning disabilities resources are available?  
  • Are transfer peer mentors available?  
  • How accessible are administrators, registrars, financial aid officers, etc.?
  • How accessible is public transportation?  
  • Is childcare available?  
    • Is it free?
    • What days & times?
  • Is there an active alumni network? 
  • Are the professors accessible outside of class and do the hold scheduled office hours?  


  • Am I required to live on campus?  
  • Is married housing available?  
  • What percentage of transfer students live on‐campus verses off‐campus?


  • How will I meet other transfer students?
  • Are there specific clubs, organizations or activities for transfer students?
  • What are the most popular club and organizations for transfer students?
  • What do transfer students do for fun?
  • Are events mostly on campus or off?  
  • What were some of the biggest and most popular events last year?  


  • What is unique about your college/university? 
  • What leads most transfer students here? 
  • What are the college’s most important values, and how are they demonstrated to the students? 

Questions to Ask Yourself

  • Why am I at OCC and what is my goal?
  • What am I looking for that OCC does not offer (i.e. program, degree, housing, social, etc.)?
  • Can I afford to transfer at this time?
  • Can I take additional courses at OCC before transfer? 
  • How will the transfer college/university help me reach my goals?