Psychology Program Worksheet

Associate Degree Program Information

Institution Oakland Community College
Degree/Program Associate in Arts 
Credits Required  62

Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA)

The MiTransfer Pathways builds on the Michigan Transfer Agreement (MTA). The MTA allows transfer students to select designated courses to complete a minimum of 30 credit hours fulfilling MTA distribution requirements. Students following MiTransfer Pathway agreements should complete the MTA in accordance with the sending institutions' course designations and consider whether any recommended MiTransfer Pathways major-specific courses will "double count" to fulfill MTA distribution requirements in planning their transfer. More information about the Michigan Transfer Agreement.  

The MTA Mathematics distribution area allows students to complete one of three math pathways. The Psychology MiTransfer Pathways faculty recommended that students complete a course in the Statistics pathway.

Michigan Transfer Pathways Courses

These courses are commonly agreed upon for transfer in this program around the state among participating institutions.

Introduction to Psychology PSY 2510 Introduction to Psychology 3
Abnormal Psychology PSY 2910 Abnormal Psychology 3
Developmental Psychology PSY 2740 Human Development Across the Lifespan 3
Social Psychology PSY2820 Social Psychology 3
    Total Credits 12

Remaining Degree Requirements

These are additional associate degree requirements that are not MTA or MiTransfer Pathways courses. They may not be accepted for transfer by universities participating in the agreement. If there are remaining hours, use the Remaining Degree Requirements in Appendix B identified by the university to which the student plans to transfer to select courses that meet bachelor's degree requirements.

Electives (based on transfer institution requirements)     26
    Remaining hours 26
    Total Credits  62

Contact Information & Service Hours

Counseling main line: 248.341.2270

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Royal Oak Campus 
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Fax: 248.246.2455

Southfield Campus
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Fax: 248.233.2740

Service Hours

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