Online Learning

Sometimes also referred to as “distance learning," "distance education," or “e-learning,” online learning is defined as education that involves teaching and learning which occurs outside the traditional classroom setting—teaching and learning that occurs where teacher and student are not in the same location, often not even at the same time. In the 21st Century, online learning typically involves taking classes by accessing course information and learning content via the Internet.

Instructors share course information and learning content to students through a Learning Management System (LMS)—at OCC, the LMS environment students use is called Brightspace by D2L (D2L for short.) Learn more below about various distance education course formats below.


For more detailed information about specific online learning courses and formats, please contact the faculty member directly at the email address listed in the course notes. To determine the attendance requirements for an online class, please review the course notes listed directly beneath the course section in the current Schedule of Classes.

The Meeting Information for the course, found on MyOCC, will include important information such as start and end dates, faculty email addresses, as well as required or suggested technology.

IMPORTANT Online and hybrid courses are not self-paced, but follow the same schedule as face-to-face classes, with weekly assignments, discussions, quizzes, etc.


DIST-1000: Online Learning Readiness

DIST-1000 is a mandatory prerequisite in order to enroll in online or hybrid courses. No exemptions are allowed or equivalencies accepted.

Important! Successfully passing DIST-1000, will allow you to register for online and hybrid courses in the current and future semesters. 

Online Courses (ONL)

Courses in this delivery method provide 75 to 100% of the instruction online.

Hybrid Courses (HYD and HYT)

Courses in these delivery methods provide more of a mix of online and face-to-face instruction.

  • Hybrid Distance (HYD) = 50 to 74% online
  • Hybrid Traditional (HYT) = 10 to 49% online

Lecture Courses (LEC)

Courses in this delivery method are considered traditional classroom-based classes, with less than 10% of instruction delivered via online environments.

Brightspace by D2L—OCC's Learning Management System

OCC uses the Brightspace by D2L learning management system, otherwise simply known as D2L. Your D2L login credentials will be the same as your MyOCC username and password.

Accessing Your Registered Courses

Once your course becomes available (one week prior to the start date), you may access your online or hybrid course(s) while on campus from any Academic Support Center (ASC) or open computer lab. To access your course(s) off campus, check that your computer and technology meets D2L's technical requirements.