Rules on Attendance in OCC Online Courses

Attendance is not determined as the last day the student logged into the course. Students must complete work as defined by the instructor. Consult your course syllabus, messages, and announcements for your instructor's attendance policy, as well as OCC's Attendance Policy found under Grading Policy.

N • Non-Attendant

This mark is awarded to students who, though registered, never attended/participated class, did not officially drop, and (if an online or hybrid class) have no gradable work. Marks of "N" do not satisfy prerequisites and are non-transferable. This mark is not used in the calculation of GPA, but it may affect eligibility for financial aid. Instructors confirm non-attendance by the "N" Mark Report Date (found in MyOCC/Online Services for each section) and then submit their "N" marks to the institution. Students who have received an "N" mark will not be permitted to access the online or hybrid class, nor will the student be able to drop the class. After the "N" mark has been submitted, a change of grade will not be accepted for the student.

Sample Guidelines

Attendance vs. Non-Attendance Comparison
Attendance Activities Non-Attendance Activities
Adhering to due dates Logging into the course
Participating in online discussion forums Emailing classmates
Completing quizzes and tests by the deadline Planning to complete all assessments at the end of the term
Assignment submission before or on due date Reading course materials