Online Student Expectations

What Should I Expect?

Expect to work as hard, or even harder, than in your face-to-face classes. As in your traditional classes, your success in an online course will be dependent on the time and effort you invest in your coursework. 

Also, to help ensure your success, plan to have access to the required technology and a reliable internet connection for the duration of the course.


To prepare you for online coursework, OCC offers a three-hour self-paced course entitled DIST-1000: Online Learning Readiness. This no-cost course is a prerequisite for any student considering registering for an online or hybrid course at OCC, and gets you familiar with navigating the OCC online learning environment while answering common questions and busting several common myths about online learning.


 Online Learning Mythbusters
Myth Reality
Online classes are easier than face-to-face classes. The courses are challenging since it requires you to use time management, organizational, and college-level reading and writing abilities to complete work.
You must login and complete coursework during specific times of the day. Online courses are asynchronous – offering you the flexibility and convenience of completing assignments 24 by 7.
Online courses do not carry the same amount of credits or course competencies as face-to-face classes. Online and hybrid courses offer the same credits and competencies and are even taught by the same OCC instructors who teach face-to-face.
You can finish online courses during the semester at your own pace. Online and hybrid courses are not self-paced. You must follow the same academic calendar and the official course dates.
Online students do not receive the same support or academic resources as other students. Students enrolled in online courses can receive live, online tutoring at no cost. Through the learning management system, tutoring is only a click away. You also have helpdesk and student services support available throughout the semester.
No participation is expected when you enroll in an online course. You are required to participate in online courses by communicating with classmates and the instructor through discussion forums and other assignments.

Source: How Online Learning Works | Miami Dade College