Success Skills for Online Learning


Students are required to register for and pass the DIST-1000: Online Learning Readiness course before being able to register for online or hybrid courses. Once you achieve a passing final grade for DIST-1000, you will not be required to take the course again.

Ask Yourself

It is important for students to understand the skills and technology necessary to become successful online learners. Before you enroll or begin your online class, see if you can agree with these statements that will help you determine if taking online courses is a good option for you.


  • I am motivated and easily able to set and accomplish goals for myself.
  • I am really good at multitasking.
  • I keep myself on track and on time by finishing the projects I start.
  • I do not give up when things become challenging.

Study Habits

  • I have a place where I can read, work, and study that is free of distractions.
  • I can tailor my schedule to allow me to spend 10-20 hours every week on an online course.
  • I am organized at keeping a record of assignments and specific due dates.
  • I tend to plan my work in advance to avoid procrastination and to turn in all assignments on time.

Computer Technology

  • I have access to a reliable computer with the supported browsers and technology.
  • I have a fast, secure Internet connection and can download the latest version of necessary web browser.
  • I have virus protection software running on my computer.
  • I have headphones, a webcam, and a microphone to use in case I need to participate in a virtual meeting or take a proctored assessment from home.

Learning Preferences

  • I absorb information quickly and learn fairly easily.
  • I have developed several ways to solve problems on my own.
  • I know where to go or who to contact if I need extra support or additional academic resources.
  • I enjoy learning in a group, but I can learn on my own as well.

Technology Skills

  • I am confident in my computer usage skills and Internet searches.
  • I am comfortable installing software or plugins, as well as modifying configuration settings.
  • If I experience any computer or technology problems, I have a back-up plan or someone who can help me.
  • I am comfortable using email, adding attachments, and uploading or downloading documents from a website.


How Did You Do?

If you were able to agree with at least 80 percent of these statements (16), then you are an outstanding candidate for success in online learning. Your characteristics match those of an online student who is easily motivated, tends to learn independently, has an organized approach to problem-solving, and is computer savvy.

If you could only agree with 60 to 80 percent of these statements (12 to 16), then you'll want to find ways to strengthen your skills to increase your likelihood of success taking online courses.

If you couldn't agree with at least 60 percent of these statements (12), you'll likely want to wait to enroll in an online course until such time as you've had a chance to build your confidence and skills.