Online Learning Readiness Course

This course is a mandatory prerequisite for students wanting to enroll in online (ONL) or hybrid (HYB) courses. No exemptions are allowed or equivalencies accepted.

This course is also recommended, but not required, for students whose lecture and lab courses [not online (ONL) or hybrid (HYB)] are moving to remote instruction in response to the Coronavirus.


A one-time, successful completion of the Online Learning Readiness course is required prior to being able to register for online or hybrid courses at OCC.

Refer to an online or hybrid course's Section Information to find any additional requisites.

DIST 1000 Online Learning Readiness 0 Credit Hours

In this no-cost prerequisite course, you'll get a hands-on peek at what a real online course is like in OCC's learning management system, D2L. You will be taken through the main features of D2L, and you'll get a clear picture of what it takes to be successful in an online class. This course also includes topics ranging from time management to technology skills.

Register and Complete the Course

You do not have to be a student taking online or hybrid courses in order to register for DIST-1000, the Online Learning Readiness course. This course is helpful for any student whose instructor is using D2L.

  1. Log into MyOCC.
  2. Click the Students menu.
  3. Click the Register for Online Learning Readiness Course, complete the steps for enrollment, and Submit.
  4. Check your OCC student email account for your course registration confirmation.
  5. Wait one business day for your enrollment to be added to the D2L system.
  6. Log into D2L and successfully complete the course.

Your enrollment into the D2L course is processed on the next business day. Wait one (1) business day before trying to access the course in D2L.

Locate Your Grades

In the Online Learning Readiness Course

  1. Log into D2L.
  2. Enter the Online Learning Readiness course.
  3. Click on Grades located on the top navigation bar.

You must achieve a grade of 75% or greater for each quiz in order to pass the course. On the Grade Items page, you will find a list of the quizzes. If you score less than 75% on any of the quizzes, you may review the lesson again and retake the quiz until you reach 75% or better

It takes one business day for your passing grade to be posted to MyOCC at which point you can register for online or hybrid courses.


A passing grade of "P" posted must be to your MyOCC profile before you can register for online or hybrid courses.

Did you wait 1 business day?

It takes one (1) business day before your passing grade is posted to MyOCC from D2L before you can register for an online or hybrid course.

  1. Log into MyOCC.
  2. Click on the Students button.
  3. Under the Academic Profile section, click on Grades.
  4. Select the Annual Year (i.e. 2019AY) in which you successfully completed the DIST-1000 course and then click Submit.
  5. If you passed, you'll find a 'P' in the Final Grd column for the DIST-1000 course.
What grade should I find in the Final Grd column?
  • If you find a 'P' this means you passed and can now register for online and hybrid courses at OCC!

  • If the final grade field is empty but your grades in D2L show you passed each of the 10 quizzes with 75% or better, wait one (1) business day for the passing grade to be posted to your MyOCC profile. Check again the next business day for the passing grade.

Course FAQs

Is this course a requirement in order to take online courses at OCC?

Yes. If you plan on taking online or hybrid courses at OCC, you must register for and successfully complete the Online Learning Readiness course.

Do I have to take the course every semester before registering for online or hybrid courses?

No. Once you pass, you are not required to take it again.

Why can't I find the course in D2L?

  1. Verify your registration was successful.
    1. Check your OCC student email account for the DIST-1000 registration confirmation.
    2. Check your My Class Schedule in MyOCC under the current 'AY' term (Annual Year) for the DIST-1000 course.
  2. Ask yourself if you waited one (1) business day after you registered.
    • Remember! It takes one business day before your enrollment is added to the D2L system.

When does the course start?

You can access the course on the next business day after you successfully register for the course.

How long does the course take to complete?

The course takes an average of (3) hours to complete and includes knowledge checks along the way to help you practice and retain what you're learning.

The course is available through the end of August. You must successfully complete the course before the course end date in order to register for online or hybrid courses.

What happens if I do not pass the course before the end date?

If you do not successfully pass the Online Learning Readiness course before the end date you will need to register for the next DIST-1000 course offering. 

What am I required to complete in the course?

You will find a checklist at the beginning of each lesson that contains links to each page in the lesson. You must read each lesson page and then check off each page in the checklist in order to be able to take that lesson's quiz.

The course contains the following modules with one quiz per module:

  • Introduction
  • Lesson 1 - Online Learning in a Nutshell
  • Lesson 2 - Technical Requirements and Support
  • Lesson 3 - Navigation and Settings
  • Lesson 4 - Communication
  • Lesson 5 - Content
  • Lesson 6 - Discussions
  • Lesson 7 - Assignments and Turnitin
  • Lesson 8 - Quizzes
  • Lesson 9 - Grades
  • Lesson 10 - Wrap Up and Next Steps

What score must I achieve to receive a passing grade?

You must pass each of the ten (10) quizzes with at least a 75%—but you can take each one as many times as you need to obtain a passing score.

How soon before I can register for an online or hybrid course after passing?

After you pass all of the Online Readiness course quizzes with a 75% or greater, your passing grade (P) will be posted to MyOCC within one (1) business day. After the grade is posted, you will then be able to register for online or hybrid courses at OCC.


Contact Enrollment Services if you need help registering.
Phone  248.341.2280

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