Proctoring & Testing: Class Exams

Some online and hybrid courses require students to take proctored exams. A proctored exam is taken off-campus and is supervised by a proctor just as the instructor would supervise the exam on campus.

When OCC courses require students to take a proctored exam, students have several options.

Students living within 45 miles of an OCC campus

  1. Make arrangements with your instructor for the proctored exam.
  2. Your test will be left by your instructor at the closest Academic Support Center (ASC) testing area.
  3. Call the ASC to set up an appointment to take the exam and to ensure the test is available.
  4. Bring a picture ID and your OCC student ID number.

Students living within 45 miles of a Michigan Colleges Online (MCO) testing site

You may take your exam at one of the MCO locations listed.

  1. Let your instructor know where you wish to take the exam.
  2. Complete and submit the Test Proctoring Request Form at the MCO site.
  3. Always call the location to confirm your test is available, to make an appointment, and to ask about time limits and deadlines.
  4. Bring a picture ID and your OCC student ID number.

Students living more than 45 miles from an MCO testing site

Out-of-state students and students living more than 45 miles from an MCO partner must obtain OCC approval to test at an off-site location. 

  1. Obtain prior approval from your instructor to test off-site.
  2. You are responsible for locating an acceptable proctoring location.
Acceptable proctoring sites are:
  • College and university testing centers
  • Public library testing centers
  • Professional testing centers
  • Military education officers, commanding officers, and military education centers  
  1. Complete and submit an online OCC Student Test Proctoring Request Form to the Office of the Dean of Learning Resources at least 10 working days prior to the time the exam is to be administered.
  2. You and your instructor will receive email notification when the proctoring site has been approved.
  3. Your instructor will send the test and any needed materials/instructions to the proctoring site.
  4. You are responsible for any costs charged by the proctoring site.

Students with disabilities

Students with disabilities should follow the accommodation procedures for tests that have assigned by the OCC ACCESS offices. The ACCESS offices will work with students to ensure appropriate off-site accommodations.  All other OCC policies for test proctoring apply.


ASC - Auburn Hills
Phone 248.232.4535

ASC - Highland Lakes
Phone 248.942.3035

ASC - Orchard Ridge
Phone 248.522.3435