Express Registration Tutorial

Use Express Registration if you know the 6-digit registration code of the sections for which you wish to add to your preferred sections list. Express Registration may be the quickest and most efficient registration option.

From the Student Menu, click the Register for Sections link to register for a class. On the web page that opens, click the Express registration link.

MyOCC - Register for Sections

On the Express Registration page:

  • Enter either the 6-digit registration code (e.g. 010836) for one or more sections.
  • Click Submit.

MyOCC - Express Registration

The sections you've selected will be placed in your preferred sections list (Shopping Cart). You will automatically be taken to Register and Drop Sections where you can view this list and complete the registration process for your preferred sections.

  • Select an Action (Register or Audit) for individual sections in the preferred list.
  • Click Submit.

IMPORTANT TIP! You can add and drop in one transaction. From the My Preferred Sections list, select an Action, either Register or Audit, for the section you wish to add. From the Current Registrations list, check the sections you wish to drop. Click Submit. MyOCC will attempt to perform both of these requests at once. If, for any reason, you are unable to enroll in the class you were attempting to add, you will not be dropped from the section you were attempting to drop.

MyOCC - Register and Drop Sections

About Preferred Sections

  • Your place in a class is not reserved by adding it to your preferred sections list. You must complete the registration process to actually reserve a seat in the class.
  • The presence of a section in your preferred list does not indicate in any way that you will be able to register for that section. Eligibility for the class (i.e. prerequisites, faculty permission, seat availability, etc.) is checked at the time you register for the section.
  • You do not need to register for all sections in your preferred list, only those you have decided you want or need.
  • If you are attempting to register for more than one class in your preferred list, and one class fails, none of the classes will be added to your schedule.
  • Preferred sections will remain in your shopping cart until you either register or remove them. This allows you to select sections and return later to register.

If your registration was successful, you will be taken to a results page that confirms your actions and provides a list of current registrations.

  • The payment due date is shown below the list of current registrations.
  • You are advised to print this page for your records.

MyOCC - Registration Results