I'm New to MyOCC Tutorial

Follow these three steps to log in for the first time. Click a STEP to reveal more information:

STEP 1: Get your User Name

Click the What's My User Name? link from the Main Menu or the Student Menu.

MyOCC - Main Menu

MyOCC - Student Menu

Generally, your user name is your lowercase lastname.firstname (e.g., smith.john). Occasionally, numbers are added to the end of user names to ensure that the user name is unique. To get your User Name:

  • Fill in your last name.
  • Fill in either your Social Security number or your 7-digit OCC ID.
  • Click Submit.

 MyOCC - What's my User Name?

If you have access to MyOCC, your user name will be displayed on the page that follows.

STEP 2: Determine your Password

As a new student, you should have received an email from Oakland Community College with the subject 'MyOCC Information'. This email contains your temporary password which you can use on your first log in. If you have not received this email, you can have a new temporary password sent to you. Follow the instructions below to have a new temporary password sent.

Click the What's My Password? link from the Main Menu or the Student Menu.

 MyOCC Manu Menu

MyOCC Student Menu

Click the Setup my password link.

 What's My Password?

On the Reset My Password page:

  • Fill in your last name.
  • Fill in either your Social Security number or your 7-digit OCC ID.
  • Click Submit.

Reset My Password

Your secondary email address will be displayed on the Select an Email Address page. Click Submit if you wish to continue.

If you do not have a secondary email address on file, follow the instructions on the page.

Reset My Password

On the Reset Password Confirmation page, click OK to have your temporary password sent to the email address shown.

 Reset My Password

STEP 3: Log In

Once you know your user name and password you can begin the log in process. Click the Log In link found in the top right menu bar of any MyOCC web page.

MyOCC - Log In

  • Enter your User Name.
  • Enter your Password.
  • Click Submit.

MyOCC - Log In

IMPORTANT! After your first login, you will be required to change your password to something other than your initial password.

When changing your password, you will be prompted to:

  • Enter your User Name in the form of lastname.firstname.
  • Enter you Old Password.
  • Enter your New Password. It must be 6 - 9 characters in length and include the following:
    • Lower case letters (a through z)
    • Upper case letters (A through Z)
    • Numerals (0 through 9)

In addition to the above requirements, the new password...

  • must not contain your user name, your first name, or your last name.
  • must not be a recently used password.

Please note, your password is case sensitive.

  • Confirm your new password.
  • Optionally, enter a password hint, a prompt to help you remember your password. The hint cannot contain the password.
  • Click Submit.

MyOCC - Change Password

Note: By changing your password, you are agreeing to abide by Oakland Community College's acceptable use policies and administrative rules concerning FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).

For assistance, please contact the Student Helpdesk at 248.341.2280 or visit the OCC Client Portal.