Change Password Tutorial

For security purposes, you will be required to change your password the first time you log in and every time you reset your password. When changing your password, you will be prompted to:

  • Enter your User Name in the form of lastname.firstname.
  • Enter you Old Password (this is the same password you used to log in).
  • Enter your New Password. It must be 6 - 9 characters in length and include the following:
    • At least one lower case letter (a through z)
    • At least one UPPER case letter (A through Z)
    • At least one numeral (0 through 9)
    In addition to the above requirements, the new password:
    • Must not contain your user name, your first name, or your last name
    • Must not be a recently used password.
    Please note, your password is case sensitive.
  • Confirm your new password.
  • Optionally, enter a password hint, a prompt to help you remember your password. The hint cannot contain the password.
  • Click Submit.

MyOCC - Change Password

Note: By changing your password, you are agreeing to abide by Oakland Community College's Technology Appropriate Use Regulations and administrative rules concerning FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act).