Microsoft IT Academy Program

By earning a Microsoft Certification, you gain advanced, market-relevant skills that employers recognize and
respect as well as opportunities to connect with a global community of other certified professionals.

A study* conducted by IDC looked at the organizational performance of more than 2,000 IT teams, examining
the relationship of team performance to the percentage of the team certified on a variety of technologies. The
study states: “Unequivocally, certification, as a measure of skill, showed a positive correlation to performance

In the areas of general service excellence and specific measures of task-level performance, certification made
a measurable impact:

  • Sixty percent of managers surveyed believe the skill of the team contributed most to the success of
    technology function.
  • Seventy-five percent of managers believe that certification is important to team performance.
  • Sixty-six percent of managers believe that certification improves the level of service and support offered to IT end users/customers.
  • Team performance increases every time a new team member is certified.
  • Concentration certification in a team is clearly linked to team capability and performance.
  • With a sufficient percentage of team members certified, IT operational performance can increase up to an average of 11 percent. The research suggests that about 25 percent of IT professionals hold some form of relevant certification.

Explore the benefits of Microsoft Certification - and start your journey to attaining your ideal career.

Microsoft IT Academy Program: