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  • Oakland Community College (OCC) will treat all complaints by whistleblowers as confidential and privileged to the fullest extent permitted by law. OCC will exercise particular care to keep confidential the identity of any person making a complaint under this procedure until a formal investigation is launched. Thereafter, the identity of the complainant may be kept confidential, if requested, unless such confidentiality is incompatible with a fair investigation, unless there is an overriding reason for identifying or otherwise disclosing the identity of the whistleblower or unless such disclosure is required by law. In this instance, the whistleblower making the complaint will be informed in advance of his or her being identified with the complaint. Where disciplinary proceedings are taken against any individual following a whistleblower complaint, OCC will normally require the name of the person making the complaint to be disclosed to the person subject to such proceedings.
  • OCC encourages individuals to put their name to any complaint they make, but any person may also make anonymous disclosure. In responding to an anonymous disclosure, OCC will pay due regard to fairness to any individual named in the complaint, the seriousness of the issue raised, the credibility of the information or allegations.
  • Investigations will be conducted as quickly as possible, taking into account the nature and complexity of the complaint and the issues raised.

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