Wi-Fi at OCC

Oakland Community College maintains a large wireless network for students to utilize. There are over 600 wireless access points with a focus on our classrooms; therefore 95% of our classrooms have coverage.

  • Select ‘OCC-Student’ from the list of available networks.

It will require your MyOCC User Name and password to authenticate and access the network. This will encrypt the wireless traffic, providing stronger security for your network traffic.

*Note: Also in certain areas, is the ‘OCC-Guest’ wireless network connection. This network connection will be limited in bandwidth and time usage, it is not recommend for student use.

Instructions for accessing the OCC-Student network are found by clicking the ‘View Instructions

If you are experiencing trouble authenticating, ensure you are using your MyOCC User Name and Password. Verify your credentials by browsing to MyOCC (see links for help in the footer at the bottom of page)

See the link to instructions to connect your device on the OCC Student Wireless (Wi-Fi) network.

There are full set of instructions for:

  • Android phones
  • iPhones
  • Windows PCs
  • Macs

View instructions