Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Work behind the scenes, making sure goods and services get to consumers which can be a person or a business. The supply chain delivers packages to front stoops and semis to loading docks.

The Science Behind the Service

Supply chain management means working with data, logic, economic trends, contracts, and business practices. Your job title might be:

  • Materials coordinator
  • Material Handler
  • Supply coordinator
  • Logistics coordinator
  • Supply chain analyst
  • Procurement
  • Buyer
  • Inventory control
  • Scheduler
  • Acquisitions
  • Transportation Router
  • Supplier Diversity

Job Market Outlook

Online Courses + An Internship = AAS

Bring some time management to your supply management degree. All courses in this associate of applied science are online. Many are “asynchronous,” meaning you go to class when it fits your schedule. You also complete an internship, which might be on-site or remote.

Your courses include core business and computer skills. Working in the field, you will make sense of spreadsheets, databases, and business communications.

OCC Connects You with the Industry

OCC has built partnerships with leading figures in the industry. They help us make sure that what you learn in class is what they need from their supply chain managers. You also have opportunities to network with these industry experts. 

Follow the Flow

You can work in any part of the supply chain, from the idea for a new product through delivery to the end consumer. You might find the right partner for production or for raw material. You might review the data for several last-mile delivery services in three different cities. 

Supply chain management is an expanding field, so you have good job and advancement opportunities. Supply chains run through every industry, too, so you can follow your passion, managing the logistics and materials in:

  • Automotive, Transportation & Manufacturing
  • Hospitality & Tourism
  • Healthcare & Pharmacy
  • Agriculture & Food Processing
  • Cosmetics
  • Technology Industry
  • Major retailers
  • Small retailers, too

Whatever you love, there’s a supply chain for it.

Keep Moving & Growing

Move around industries until you find your fit. Transfer your OCC credits to complete a bachelor’s degree. Switch to the purchasing side. This is a dynamic and evolving field which creates opportunities for growth and exploration into related fields.