Membership Benefits

Your membership card entitles you to the following benefits formally extended by the OCC Board of Trustees on June 24, 1993:

  • Tuition waiver covering tuition and normal fees for you and your spouse for one class, which includes online classes, (up to four-credit hours) each semester. After you have enrolled in a class (by Web or Touch*Tone services), you need to go to any campus Enrollment Services office and request the Tuition Authorization Affidavit form. Members living out-of-state or unable to get to a campus, the Tuition Authorization Affidavit form can be requested by contacting any campus Enrollment Services office (address and phone number on page 34). Your tuition waiver is date sensitive and must be complete (with payment if applicable) by the last day to pay date stated in the schedule of classes. If your tuition waiver/payment is not made by the last day to pay, you will be dropped from your class. Retired full-faculty members and spouses shall be granted tuition reimbursement upon completion of a course (section 3.13 of the Faculty Master Agreement). To receive reimbursement, the retired faculty member must provide the campus dean’s office with proof of payment and grade report. The reimbursement check will be mailed to the faculty member. NOTE: Retired full-time faculty and staff on Emeritus status will continue to be governed by existing benefit provisions for tuition waiver/reimbursement.
  • 50% discount on two tickets for any campus-sponsored cultural event. Tickets may be purchased at any campus bookstore.
  • 20% discount at all campus bookstores (textbooks excluded).
  • Use of physical education facilities with the same conditions/costs required of full-time employees.
  • Informal luncheons.
  • Seminars and workshops.
  • Attendance at commencement with cap and gown provided by OCC.
  • Professional development information (see page 33).
  • Access to campus libraries, including computers.

You may be required to show a valid OCCARP membership card to receive the above benefits.


Activities are announced in periodic mailings.

  • Annual Meeting
  • Lunch Get-Togethers
  • Museum/Gallery Outings
  • Theatre/Concert
  • Holiday Luncheon


The college is attempting to go paperless whenever possible. As a result, future mailings, special notices and relevant college information will be sent to you via your personal e-mail address. If you do not have a computer and have requested printed copies, you will receive this information by U.S. mail.

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