OCC Logos

The Official OCC Logo

The Oakland Community College logo is the combination of the College's mark (a diamond shape with five custom lines) and the College's word mark (the words “Oakland Community College”) as it appears on the right.
The configuration of the Oakland Community College logo must be used as a whole. The relationship of the elements may not be altered or modified in any way. The College's logo should never appear in any other configuration than that shown on p. 12 in the College Brand Guidelines.

The spacing and the relationship of the elements in the logo may not be altered in any way. For example, the College's mark (the diamond shape) may not be used without the College's word mark, and neither the relative width nor size of the five custom lines, nor the typeface, may be changed.

If there are any issues or questions about the proper use of the College's logo, contact the Manager of Multi Media & Web Services.

Logo Variations

These are the available configurations of the Oakland Community College logo. These logos are not to be altered in any way. The primary versions should be used whenever possible. All logo versions are available in OCC green (PMS 349), black, and reverse. This applies to the graphic element only. It is acceptable to alter OCC’s letters when not used in the logo.

Logo Staging

The logo should always maintain sufficient clear space. Clear space is the amount of space around the logo that must be free from other elements such as text and graphics to ensure that the logo looks clean, prominent, and uncluttered. Use good judgment when incorporating the logo among graphics, text, and backgrounds.


The logo should never be smaller than 1.5” wide for the horizontal logo and 1” wide for the stacked logo