Business, Management, Marketing & Technology

Business, Management, Marketing, & Technology

You have the calling. Now gain the skills to lead

Learn how to lead business by completing courses in Oakland Community College’s Business Management, Marketing and Technology career pathway. Here, you will gain the tools needed to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams. Discover the latest business technology and how to organize a business administration, manage finances, and develop business strategies for long-term success in any number of occupations.

  • Accounting
  • Business Administration
  • Finance
  • Information Processing
  • Marketing

Find the truth

Become a paralegal -- a vital, educated member of a legal services team. Provide the legal profession with a cost-effective alternative to discover, produce, and compile legal work. Work closely with attorneys to assist in

  • Performing legal and factual research.
  • Drafting documents for filing with courts and agencies.
  • Drafting contracts, mortgages, and all manner of legal agreements.
  • Organizing trial documents, evidence, preparing witnesses and assisting at trials.
  • Performing closings and title examinations.

Advance Your Skills

Improve your marketable skills by completing one of OCC’s excellent business career pathway programs:



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