Copyright Form & Policies

OCC Copyright Form

A Copyright Permission Form is available to faculty & staff on Inside OCC (the college intranet).  The Instructions and Form for requesting permission to use copyrighted materials is named OCC-95.  Staff login is required to access Inside OCC.

OCC Copyright Policies


OCC Employee Handbook - Copyright Guidelines
Employee Handbook available on Inside OCC, staff login required

Reproduction of copyrighted material, without prior permission, particularly in educational institutions, is an issue of concern. Unfortunately, the impropriety of unauthorized copying is all too often overlooked. If ethical considerations are not enough motivation, practical considerations should be, because individuals and organizations are becoming more and more aggressive about protecting their interests. The cost, individually and/or institutionally, can be considerable--up to $100,000 per piece copied, if found guilty.

The purpose of copyright protection is identified in the U.S. Constitution (Article I, Section 8, Clause 8): "To promote the progress of science and useful arts." Those creative people who produce intellectual and artistic works deserve reasonable reward for their efforts; therefore, copyright legislation is intended to provide incentive and to protect the financial interests of those individuals.

For further, detailed information regarding copyright guidelines for Oakland Community College employees, please contact your campus copyright officer. The name and location of the campus copyright officer may be obtained from the office of the campus president.