Together We Commit

We don’t just say it. We live it.

Oakland Community College believes every individual deserves the chance to do their best, to be respected, and to feel safe and supported. Each of us, in ways big and small, has an opportunity to make a difference—to learn and to grow as part of our personal journey.

This is why we are proud to support this diversity, equity, inclusion and justice (DEIJ) initiative built on the foundation of an educational and inspirational pledge. Together, we are asking members of our community to commit to making OCC a more equitable, diverse and inclusive community—and, indeed champion DEIJ forward as global citizens of the world.


To listen intently, with compassion, to understand others.

To value myself, others and the contributions we all make, our differences and our rights to a fair society, and the integrity we show one another through our words and deeds.


To inspire others by working together and by the examples we set.

To empower a culture of caring, of speaking out when something is not right, a culture where all have the opportunity to be their best.

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Members Who Have Pledged

  • Leah Aggison
  • Jeffery Arnold
  • Amy Baker
  • Barbie Baldwin
  • Lola Banks
  • Erica Bednarski
  • Emily Bennett
  • Cheryl D. Blake
  • Corey Bondy
  • Shawna Boomgaard
  • Caleb Boswell
  • Reese Burks
  • Kristin Carey-Li
  • Jolene Chapman
  • Melvin Chapman
  • Eric Charnesky
  • Dawnmarie Chmiel-Yelcho
  • Kim Combs
  • Bridgette Couch
  • Stacey Crews
  • Kimberly Davis
  • Lauren DeLisle
  • Shawn Dicicco
  • Shawn Dry
  • Donna DuHame-Schmidt
  • Ashley Elsey
  • Kirstine Evans
  • Amy Fairless
  • Jasmine Gist
  • Anna Hansard
  • LeShalah Hazard
  • Renee Henson
  • Barbara Hoag
  • Katie Homant
  • Julie Hoyt
  • Gia Huff
  • Kimberly Hurns
  • David Johnson
  • Marcus Johnson
  • Darlene Johnson-Bignotti
  • Akiko Kato
  • Bridget Kavanaugh
  • Brittany Kelley
  • Michele Kersten-Hart 
  • Suzanne Labadie
  • Rachel Lathrop
  • Lori Linden
  • Jennifer Little
  • Jessica Lizardi
  • Brenda Lowery
  • Kristina Marshall
  • Eboni Mathis
  • Allison McFadden-Keesling
  • David McRoberts
  • Pamela Micallef
  • Kaitlyn Michael
  • Robert Montgomery
  • Andrew Muniz
  • Nico Nader
  • Leanne Nadlicki
  • Sarah Nevarez 
  • Melissa O’Leary
  • Dawn Perkowski
  • Gregg Phelps
  • Trina Pierce
  • Andre Poplar
  • Andrea Powell
  • Misty Pranga 
  • Peter Provenzano
  • Elizabeth Rae
  • Roxanna Reeves
  • Mia Reid
  • KimberLea Reid
  • Heidi Renton
  • Danielle Ricker
  • Sarah Riegle Lemelin
  • Maria Rivait 
  • Laura Rutkoski
  • Pamela Ryals
  • Lauren Salvaggio
  • Liz Schnell
  • Isaiah Shockley
  • Steven Simpson
  • Jennifer Spearman
  • Nadja Springer-Ali
  • Beverly Stanbrough
  • Daniel Sykes
  • Marc Thomas
  • Anthony Thomas
  • VaNessa Thompson
  • Wendy Tsao
  • Nicole Willis
  • James Wright
  • Albert Yasso
  • Crystal Young-Collins


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