Combined Regional Emergency Services Training


The Only Emergency Services Sim Lab in Michigan 

Train your police, fire or EMS teams with controlled, repeatable live scenarios at the Combined Regional Emergency Services Training Center (CREST) — the only emergency services simulation lab in the state.  
This innovative training “city” includes furnished houses, a bank, convenience store, motel and a five-story fire training tower. 

Where Theory Becomes Practice 

Work with our experienced instructors to build a training plan for your team or inter-agency partnership. At CREST, teams work through scenarios based on real events. Your team members make decisions, communicate and train while immersed in a real-world setting. 

Then there’s time for feedback, reflection, discussion and do-overs. Research suggests that simulation labs are one of the best ways to turn classroom theory into applied practice. 

Seamless Teamwork Between Agencies

Complex emergencies are rare—fortunately. When they arise, you need your teams to respond as if they were everyday occurrences. Fire, police, paramedics and dispatch must work together seamlessly to reduce harm and restore order. 

CREST is the ideal setting to perfect your practice. Basic and advanced emergency services personnel, private industry workers and civilian organizations benefit from practicing emergency response teamwork in a restricted-access setting.

Convenient Campus + Mobile Options 

Located in southeast Michigan, cornered by I-75 and M-59 on Oakland Community College’s Auburn Hills Campus, CREST grew from a collaboration between OCC and local police, fire and EMS agencies. Together, we’ve built one of the finest training labs in the country. 
Work with our experienced team to plan your next training, on- or off-site.  

OCC is home to the largest police and fire academy in southeast Michigan. We have more than 50 years of experience training emergency services personnel. OCC collaborated with local police, fire, and EMS agencies to create the CREST center, a state-of-the-art space to train emergency response teams.
Did you know?

“OCC is the best place to learn about emergency services.” – Jon Roberts

Connect With CREST 

Keep your team, or teams, working well together. To receive training and information bulletins for upcoming Police, Fire, EMS or Dispatch classes, email CREST and indicate your name, agency and which section(s) you are interested in. (You can request more than one section. Choose from police, fire, EMS and dispatch.) 

Note: We only send the Training and Information Bulletin to agency or governmental email addresses. To protect the privacy of your team members, we will not share or sell this email distribution list. 

Emergency Services Training & Academies

Contact Information

David Ceci
Academic Dean of Public Services & CREST and Director of Law Enforcement Training
Phone: (248) 232-4211


Auburn Hills Campus
2900 Featherstone Rd
Auburn Hills, MI 48326-2845
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