How to Use Scholarship Universe

Get Matched With Scholarships

Find scholarships where you have the best chance of success with Scholarship Universe, a tool provided by OCC.

Based on your answers to questions, Scholarship Universe matches you with scholarships where you meet the eligibility requirements. It searches about 2,500 internal and external scholarships to find ones that match your background. The tool also makes it easy to apply for those scholarships.

Follow our instructions and tips to make the most of Scholarship Universe. But first a few notes:

  • You must be a current or incoming OCC student with a OCC student ID and email address to access Scholarship Universe.
  • Scholarship Universe is not compatible with Internet Explorer. We recommend that you use Safari, Firefox, or Chrome.
  • Matching with a scholarship does not mean you’ll automatically receive it. You still must apply and compete with other applicants.
  • Scholarship Universe reviews each scholarship before listing it. This provides peace of mind that these opportunities are legit.

How to Get Started

  1. Log into Scholarship Universe using your MyOCC username and password.

  2. Answer as many questions as possible about your background, interests, and future plans. You can do this by clicking the Questions tab. There are dozens of questions. You can skip those that don’t apply to you. Answer as many questions as you can because the more you answer, the more opportunities Scholarship Universe may find.

  3. To see scholarship matches, click the  Scholarships tab.

  4. For details about a particular scholarship, click View on the right side of the screen under its listing.

  5. To apply for a scholarship, click  Apply on the right side of the screen under its listing. You can apply for some scholarships using Scholarship Universe. In other cases, you apply on an external website. If you start an application on Scholarship Universe but don’t finish it, your work will be saved so you can come back later.

Tips for Using Scholarship Universe

  • Scholarship Universe will send you an email whenever it finds a new matching scholarship.
  • If you get an email saying you must complete a task in Scholarship Universe, log in and choose the Action Required section of your dashboard.
  • You can update any profile questions you previously answered by clicking on the Questions tab.
  • Once you submit a scholarship application, you cannot edit it or any documents you submitted. This makes it critical to carefully check your work before submitting.
  • You can check the status of any scholarship application by clicking the Scholarships tab and then the Application Submitted tab.
  • If you need to upload any documents written in Word to Scholarship Universe, you must first convert them to PDF.