Financial Aid Summer Application


Registration -  Your financial aid award will be processed based on the total number of credit hours.  You must register for all summer classes by May 6, 2019.  Financial aid will be disbursed based on enrollment levels consistent with the start date of the courses.

Funding - 2019 Summer Semester is limited to Pell Grant, TIP, ITG, Loans, and Work Study.

  • Pell Grant - If you did not attend full time fall/winter you may be eligible for Pell Grant funds.  If you attended full time (12 credits) in both fall and winter, see Year -Round Pell Grant (below).
  • Year-Round Pell Grant-  Students who are eligible for a Pell Grant during the 2018-19 academic year may be eligible to receive an additional Pell Grant for summer 2019.   The law allows students to receive 150% of their Pell Grant funds in one academic year (additional semester of Pell funds).  Students must be enrolled at least half time (minimum of six (6) credits) for the summer term to be eligible for  additional Pell.  Student Financial Resources and Scholarships (SFRS) will automatically award Pell for summer 2019 if a student is eligible to receive the funds.  Students that drop below six (6) credits due to withdrawals, cancellations, or non-attendance will no longer be eligible for the additional Pell funds and will be responsible for any charges incurred.

    NOTE: Some students have been awarded Federal Pell for the Summer Semester.  Check your Financial Aid self-service account.  If you have not been awarded, complete the 2019 summer application.  Students applying for student loans and Federal Work-Study must complete the summer application before the deadline.
  • Student Loans - You must be registered for at least six (6) credit hours to receive a loan. Students must accept loans on MyOCC.  Summer loans are processed with two disbursement dates.  Loan funds will not be disbursed until 30 days from the beginning of the semester.


This is not additional funding.  Financial aid funds remaining after tuition and fees have been deducted can be used in the Bookstore up to a maximum of $1,200.  The last day to use book voucher is May 16, 2019.


  • Students who withdraw, stop attending class(es), or whose class(es) have been cancelled once financial aid has been disbursed may be required to repay a portion or all their financial aid.  Check your MyOCC under View Account & Make Payments, accordingly.
  • N grades - If you are registered but not attending classes, you are responsible for officially withdrawing from your classes.  If you want to withdraw from courses or completely withdraw from the College, you must complete the Course Drop Request form available in Enrollment Services, or withdraw from courses on the OCC website.   Log in to MyOCC.
  • You will receive an OCC student email (when your award has been completed) directing you to OCC Online Services, where your award letter will be securely displayed.


Students must be pursuing an eligible certificate or degree program at Oakland Community College to qualify for financial aid funding.  The following programs are ineligible:


Students may receive financial aid for a maximum of 30 remedial/developmental credits (see list, below).  ESL coursework does not count toward the 30 remedial/development credits.

 APM-8110 (3 crs) ASC-1070 (2 crs) CHE-0950 (4 crs) CNS-1100 (1 crs) CNS-1160 (2 crs)
 ENG-1060 (6 crs) MAT-1070 (3 crs) MAT-1100 (4 crs) MAT-1125 (4 crs) MAT-1150 (4 crs)

The College has the right to revise your financial aid package if incorrectly computed. The College also reserves the right to make adjustments resulting from changes in funding or new interpretations of federal and state guidelines and regulations. If it is determined that a student fraudulently submitted incorrect data on his/her financial aid application, the situation will be referred to the U.S. Department of Education (DE) for investigation and possible prosecution.

NOTE:  All Summer 2019 awards are contingent upon meeting the Satisfactory Academic Progress policy Failure to meet academic standards will result in cancellation of pending financial aid and/or denial of future financial aid.


 May 6, 2019 Must register by this date for summer classes
 June 30, 2019 Last day to submit a Summer application
 June 30, 2019 Last day to request loan funds

Summer Application


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