Summer Momentum Scholarship


The Summer Momentum Scholarship for summer 2022  is open for new applications! This scholarship offers an opportunity to save money while helping you achieve your academic goals.  The on-line application is available from February 14. 2022 - April 22, 2022.

“Oakland Community College scholarships are offered to currently-enrolled OCC students without regard to race, gender, gender identity, color, ethnicity or national origin, regardless of the scholarship’s title. For example, scholarships sponsored by women’s organizations are offered without a preference or restriction based on sex, are open to all genders, and are awarded without regard to the sex of the applicant.”

Summer Momentum


  • Students who are eligible to receive in-district tuition and who have successfully completed 18 or more credit hours in courses with a C grade or better between the Fall 2021 and Winter 2022 semesters:

    • 18 -23 credits qualifies for tuition for up to 3 credit hours in the Summer Semester plus Student Support Fee (up to $397.00)

    • 24 or more credits qualifies for tuition for up to 6 credit hours in the Summer Semester plus Student Support Fee (up to $694.00)

  • The scholarship only applies to courses in an eligible student’s Academic Plan of Study.

  • Guest students, early/middle college students, and dual enrolled students in the Summer Semester are not eligible.

  • The scholarship doesn’t apply to courses students did not attend (Non-attendance - N grade). An N grade will result in scholarship adjustments with a balance on the student account. The award can be reinstated if the student is enrolled in and attends a class in a later part of the semester.

  • The scholarship doesn’t apply to credits for audited courses and credit-by-exam courses.  The scholarship also does not cover additional class related costs; they are the responsibility of the student.

  • The Summer Momentum Scholarship will apply toward any outstanding tuition and fees charges after other financial aid has been applied (excluding Direct Loans).

  • The application deadline is Friday, April 22, 2022.

  • The application will be awarded on a first come, first awarded basis.


  • Students who never attend the class will have to repay the funds and may not be able to engage in future registration activities until the balance is paid in full.