Forensic Team

Forensic Team

This speech, performance and debate team offers a high-quality learning opportunity.  Our team competes from September-April, travels to two or three tournaments a semester, and OCC covers the cost of judging, registration and etc.  Undergraduate students in good academic standing can compete in one or more events (Informative Speaking, Poetry, Dramatic Interpretation, Parliamentary Debate and more), earn college credit for their work, and may even be eligible for scholarship money.


First, congratulations to the OCC Forensic Team for the 2022-2023 season!  In Oct. we competed against students from 6 other schools and placed 2nd at the MISL (Michigan Intercollegiate Speech League) Mini Tournament!  We even had three students qualify for nationals!   We placed as the top Community College at the Dec. 3rd tournament, had 2nd, 3rd, and 4th places finishers at the MISL Novice State Tournament in Feb.  In March at the State Championships, our Impromptu student, Patrick Strand, made a final round against mostly seniors and juniors from other universities and he qualified for Nationals!  

Second, returning OCC students can submit their videos for the 2nd Annual Speech and Drama Prize competition! 

  • Submissions due June 16, 2023  

Speech and Drama Prize Submission Link

Judged by professionals including a Broadway performer 

  • Sponsored by the Forensic Scholarships:  $1,500 in prize money!

Already registered OCC students can submit a video of an 7–10-minute performance (poetry, drama, prose, a mix) or an original speech (informative or persuasion) to win tuition money! 

(OEC and Dual Enrolled students can compete, but they are not eligible to win prizes.) 

Dramatic Event 

Each contestant is to prepare and deliver one 7–10-minute performance that can be a monologue (one or multiple monologues), prose (short stories or cuttings from longer stories), poetry /or spoken word or a combination of two or more of the genres listed. Performances using multiple pieces should have a unifying theme, and performers can represent one or more characters. An original introduction should be included in this time frame. Performers are encouraged to perform from memory but are allowed to hold a script if needed. If the performer has performed at a forensic performance competition previously, the performer is not allowed to use the same piece that they already competed with. If more than one selection is used, original transitions can be used as needed. Movement is acceptable, but it should be visible within the stationary recording frame. No props nor costumes are to be used.

Dramatic events may be ranked based on some of these considerations 

Some Specifics:  Performance Piece Choices, Clear Unifying Theme, Introduction, Etc. 
Delivery: Strong Character Choices, Emotional Arc, Projection and Variation of Vocal Tone, Physicalization 

Informative or Persuasive Speech Event

(Some Humor is Allowed)

Each contestant will deliver an original, factual speech fulfilling the general purpose of informing or persuading the audience. (Humor is also allowed) Speeches should be appropriate for a college audience and within the time limits. (Time limit 7-10 minutes) Speakers are allowed to hold notes or perform from memory. Any information from outside sources that are used in the speech should be accompanied with complete oral citations that are stated at the time the information from the source is used. Visuals may or may not be used to supplement and/or reinforce the message. If the performer has performed at a forensic speech competition previously, the performer is not allowed to use the same piece that they already competed with. 

Speeches may be ranked based on some of these considerations 

Some Specifics:   Topic Choice, Audience Analysis, Language, Citations, Visuals, Etc.  
Organization: Clearly Organized Introduction, Body, Conclusion, Etc.  
Delivery: General Attitude, Voice, Body, Use of Notes, Etc.  

Third, team members are encouraged to start working on fall events.  Coaching will continue throughout the summer, and with the right planning, you could be prepared and shine too! Remote and in-person coaching sessions are available.

If you join the team, you can help us continue to be successful, and you will certainly benefit too.  As Inc. Magazine says, “Public Speaking is No Longer a ‘Soft Skill.’ It’s Your Key to Success in Any Field." So, any improvement in your presentation skills will support your success in college and beyond!

Why not try something new, meet others at OCC, and network with individuals from other schools!?

To set up a coaching appointment or get the Zoom link, email Ms. Bennett.