"It is truly an honor to be recognized for this outstanding award. This moment will forever be something that I remember." - Rebecca M.

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"I am giving back to the 'village' that nurtured and inspired me." - Dr. Rosalind Reaves

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The Retirees Association provides fellowship and enrichment

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OCC Foundation

You can offer hope and opportunity for our students and the community we serve through the OCC Foundation.

Through your empowering philanthropy, our neighbors achieve self-sufficiency through high quality certificate and degree programs. Parents seeking to advance themselves and raise their children feel our caring and support. The student facing a financial crisis receives emergency aid to persevere. Ultimately, local employers sustain and grow their businesses with a skilled workforce.

You can create real opportunities that empower our students to achieve their hopes and dreams through an excellent education. OCC’s unique role as both the starting point for attaining a four-year degree and the path to immediate employment means your support has a lasting effect.

Join our community of donors today, and turn potential into professional.


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